Weekend Update: Attorney Drops Harvey Weinstein - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


    MARKOUT TV  7 months ago +196

    It's okay Che. The audience might not have appreciated that fleshlight joke, but I did

  • Brianna Rene
    Brianna Rene  7 months ago +282

    The minute he said "A woman in Florida" I groaned and just thought man COME on Florida take a week off

  • AteTreeWon
    AteTreeWon  7 months ago +607

    Super Blood Wolf Moon is a long lost twilight book

  • jwsm2
    jwsm2  7 months ago +373

    "Woman took a licking but kept on ticking" loved Colin's reaction after reading that line haha

  • ChocoLoco
    ChocoLoco  7 months ago +279

    A chicken parm in a wife beater

  • ThisIsInfamousJBlack
    ThisIsInfamousJBlack  7 months ago +33

    I heard Super Blood Wolf Moon is dropping a new album and a world tour

  • gelp
    gelp  7 months ago +187

    Colin Jost’s a jag-ass queef weasel

  • Everly B
    Everly B  7 months ago +106

    Took a lickin but kept on tickin 😝

  • Alexander Martin Charles
    Alexander Martin Charles  7 months ago +43

    Dude that 9/11 never forget joke killed me.

  • Renato Costa
    Renato Costa  7 months ago +87

    Yesterday was Winnie The Pooh day , it’s a tough transition 😂😂😂

  • Volvican
    Volvican  7 months ago +16

    No no no SNL. I thought you finally understood that I want Weekend Update in as many parts as possible. I’m thinking like four words max per video. Get to it!

  • Ash bash 8717
    Ash bash 8717  7 months ago +61

    Colin's face after "took a lickin but kept on tickin"

  • Wolfoe 3604
    Wolfoe 3604  7 months ago +42

    That diss to Greta Van Fleet was great!

  • Daniel Zepeda
    Daniel Zepeda  7 months ago +5

    Just remember the fleshlight bit was a joke, but they actually did tweet that. That happened

  • mae omalley
    mae omalley  7 months ago +41

    che and colin💞💞

  • A Yap
    A Yap  7 months ago +19

    Winnie the Pooh day will never be celebrated in China

  • racoonzattack
    racoonzattack  7 months ago +31

    Who else thought “Super Blood Wolf Moon” would be an awesome band name before Colin said the pun?

  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog  7 months ago +30

    chocolate spilled on highway.. I was wondering if Che was going to make a "Hershey Highway" joke..

  • Ro G
    Ro G  7 months ago +233

    Prediction...The Egg will lose its first place title as the most liked picture to a picture of t'rump being led to prison.

  • Lord Borus
    Lord Borus  7 months ago +40

    She toke a lickin and kept on tickin 😂😂😂