Binging with Babish: Cocktail Special

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 27, 2017
  • Cocktails hold a special place in movies, television, and my heart. Whether it's Bogie drinking away his problems in a nazi-occupied lounge or The Dude sucking caucasian out of his mustache, the cocktail represents an important milestone in the lexicon of human achievement: making booze taste better so we can get smashed faster.Please drink responsibly guys, seriously. Don't let me catch you driving or some stupid bullshit after you've had one too many vespers, because your simple ass thinks that you're James Bond. You're not James Bond, call a cab.Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free Link: Link: CupAffiliate Link: Link: StrawsAffiliate Link: Link: support Binging with Babish! Check out my Patreon at - you can get access to bonus videos, special content, and even a custom episode if you give me enough sweet sweet money!Binging With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • mechanical turk  2 years ago

    James is ordering a weak martini and being snooty about it.

  • Jason King  17 days ago

    @Boss Attack actually.... "Binging with Babish" is hosted by Andrew Rea. He just used the moniker "Oliver Babish" when he first started

  • Fahad Mirza  23 days ago

    @Fleeb Plumbus he does come from a poor background as stated by vesper earlier in the movie

  • Max H  2 years ago

    that's fucking love right thererisking an allergic reaction just to drink some crazy concoction for your fans

  • Sheldon MItchell  4 days ago

    Some One me to so get the fuck out of here!

  • tanner  1 months ago

    hes allergic to strawberries

  • Yaisha Diaz  2 years ago

    At first I thought "editing error", but nope, you're just clever.

  • The Creeper King  3 months ago

    Hahaha forgotten rooster could be doing a joke, because in groundhog day the protagonist is the only person who remembers stuff, or is he serious

  • Morgan D  5 months ago

    @The Forgotten Rooster How would you not know what they're talking about even if you got the joke the first time...

  • Elk Ronnie  9 months ago

    Dude risked anaphylactic shock for science.

  • uptown3636  26 days ago

    Arvind Venkatesan I completely agree. Let’s just ignore that science is necessarily systematic. Why not just ignore that it’s based on observation and replicable experimentation?

  • Arvind Venkatesan  26 days ago

    @uptown3636 The "Oxford English dictionary" is hardly the standard we are moving to. Armchair linguistics is what you seem to be performing, and I really don't feel like this needs to go that far. All I'm saying is that "Science" is a word which can be used pretty freely in my opinion, and that it's nearly not as convoluted as you are imagining it to be. You don't need to have a Ph.d to use the word science in any mildly discovery/experimental instance, which this definitely is.

  • Jake Clay  2 years ago

    Lactose intolerant, severe allergic reactions to food: Still a chef. Congrats on 1,000,000!

  • Hutton Cearley  2 years ago

    I can hear his beard

  • Nate W  4 months ago

    I can feel Your fangirling

  • Lino Love Pizza  11 months ago

    Hutton Cearley i can taste his voice..😂✌

  • Daniel Green  2 years ago

    I guess you could call that bananaphylactic shock

  • Leanna Hsu  2 months ago

    Daniel Green wow just wow

  • Falcon DeRichio  9 months ago


  • John Stock  2 years ago

    Snake Juice from parks and rec

  • Bellatrix Silverly  1 months ago

    Colin A It got everyone drunk 😂

  • Animating Alex  6 months ago

    That Shinz is straight up deloicious

  • Magdalena Aburto  2 years ago

    You should totally do the beignets from princess and the frog !

  • isaacvlogs  13 days ago

    He did

  • D.DoT-Z  6 months ago

    Chef is far better

  • Evelyn Contreras  2 years ago

    "make your downstairs neighbors wonder what the hell your doing" 😂😂😂😂