La Cantina de San Angel | Disney Dining Show | 06/28/19

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 28, 2019
  • In this episode join Steve, Fiasco & his wife Haley in Epcot's World Showcase for a quick service lunch at La Cantina de San Angel inside the Mexico Pavillon!

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  • emily james
    emily james  5 months ago

    There is seating inside the restaurant for lunch.

  • Arlene Carter
    Arlene Carter  6 months ago

    nice to see mrs Fiasco

  • billjanetcsu
    billjanetcsu  6 months ago

    Take a Spanish class—really!

  • Hale Ryan
    Hale Ryan  6 months ago

    Eating an empenada with knife and fork. LOL Seinfeld Mr. Pitts.

  • ankyara
    ankyara  6 months ago

    Do yourself a favor and grab the guac and tacos al pastor from Choza de Margarita.. much better

  • Karen Campos
    Karen Campos  6 months ago

    No mention of spiciness. I’ve found San Angel to be excellent but on the more authentic spicy side. Those of us used to TexMex leave with flaming hot tongues! 🤪 was the quick service the same?

  • Micro Tasker
    Micro Tasker  6 months ago

    You guys picked these two to go review the Mexican place because you KNEW they can't pronounce any of the words right, didn't you?

  • Carol Gardiner
    Carol Gardiner  6 months ago

    Steve - there is inside seating around the back of the building. Great place to rest and get some A/C!!!

  • RLagravinese
    RLagravinese  6 months ago

    Hey guys, I ate here 6/29 for lunch. There is a door on the left right past the cashiers that accesses the restaurant (La Hacienda de San Angel). That door was actually open so there was plenty of indoor air conditioned seating. As our lunch drew to a close they were progressively closing off sections of the indoor seating to prepare the table-service restaurant for dinner service. The indoor area is quite large and it was fairly packed.

  • Hazel G.
    Hazel G.  6 months ago

    Empanadas... Enchiladas...😂😂😂 Always love your food reviews..... Thanks guys 👌

  • Old Uncle Bob
    Old Uncle Bob  6 months ago

    Steve, your voice cuts like a knife! Explore dampening your microphones. Ouch!

  • tlw1950
    tlw1950  6 months ago

    None of them ever took a Spanish 101 course in school?

  • hayzerqb11
    hayzerqb11  6 months ago

    This review hahahaha

  • Suzie Mac
    Suzie Mac  6 months ago

    $9 for all that guac and chips is not overpriced to me, guacamole is expensive and it looks like a large enough portion. I don't think the price point is too high for something like this especially at Disney, jmho. Great job on the review though as always!

  • Bored Millionaire
    Bored Millionaire  6 months ago

    Steve: “KAWN KAYSOW” lol 😆

  • kelly kristine
    kelly kristine  6 months ago

    Steve and Corey are a great duo! Great job!

  • Ms Jones
    Ms Jones  6 months ago

    This was a fun review! Great job Steve and Corey! Keepin it real! Thx for including the prices.

  • Rebecca Ondrusek
    Rebecca Ondrusek  6 months ago +2

    Everyone needs to calm down... Great review and a fun vlog, thank you!!

  • LtDan
    LtDan  6 months ago

    Does not look that great... Not worth it. And who cares about the Spanish I dont.

  • Sandi Ammons
    Sandi Ammons  6 months ago

    Why would you send 2 white boys to review a Mexican place when they cannot even pronounce the name of the establishment correctly, or don’t even know what they’re ordering?