Hamilton - Wrote My Way Out Remix (featuring Royce Da 5'9", Joyner Lucas, Black Thought, Aloe Blacc)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 25, 2018
  • The official audio of "Wrote My Way Out Remix (featuring Royce Da 5'9", Joyner Lucas, Black Thought, Aloe Blacc)" from the album 'Hamildrop'.

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  • nolan marx
    nolan marx  14 days ago +1

    This song is so underrated

  • 1fes
    1fes  a months ago

    Came for Blackthought

  • GoodxJ
    GoodxJ  2 months ago +2

    Black Thought the greatest emcee ever.

  • X Dude
    X Dude  2 months ago

    Uh, they said I wouldn't amount to nothing
    Now I hold the head of he who could give the crown concussion
    Fuck it, my new 'vice is stay off my old vices
    Even though my new life is gon' cost me my old life
    I wrote my way out of it (I wrote my way out), out of that hell hole
    Shoes that don't even gotta be tied up, that's velcro
    My freedom sitting on the other side of that cell door
    The other side of the track where I'm from like railroads
    My daddy slapped the shit out my momma in front of me
    Couldn't do shit about it at that time I was young and weak
    All I could do was write a hundred rhymes to a hundred beats
    'Bout what I plan to do in spite of what was done to me
    I wrote my way out (I wrote my way out)
    Out of the poor house, accomplished my goals somehow
    I never sold out, I'm a product of Motown
    And now I'm in the public eye
    So if you ever see me solve a problem before
    Just know before I solved a problem that the problem got wrote down

    [Lin-Manuel Miranda:]
    I wrote my way out
    Wrote everything down far as I could see
    (Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it)
    [Aloe Blacc:] I wrote my way out

    [Joyner Lucas:]
    Back to the store to get some bare essentials
    Government cheese, a half a gallon milk, and a pair of pencils
    I write my life inside this journal, hope they hear my info
    And if you think this shit is dope then you should hear my intro
    Yeah I used to argue with my teachers and go back and forth
    Told them one day I be famous and be back for more
    Maybe blow all of my bread to make it back on tour
    And smash all the rich hoes that I never had before
    Ryan had no paper, I was plotting on them racks on racks
    Niggas sneaking in your crib with the black on black
    Just rumbling through your shit like lemme have all that
    'Cause I was lost, now I'm back on track
    Look I ain't never been shit and that's just me being real
    I gotta call it how I see it, that's just me being trill
    And I ain't trying to take advice, just take it easier, chill
    But if I gotta pay the price, fuck it, then leave me the bill

    [Lin-Manuel Miranda:]
    I wrote my way out
    Wrote everything down far as I could see
    [Aloe Blacc:] Picked up a pen and I wrote my way out

    [Black Thought:]
    Yeah, I wrote words on a page, symbols on a surface
    Graffiti on the wall where my ancestors were purchased
    I contemplate when the day I'm due to inherit the earth is
    I'm a subversive nation awaiting the birth of his own
    Where shots get thrown and spots get blown
    And the convicts roam on the streets of a conflict zone
    It's not his home
    Adrenaline, testosterone, and pride keep the throne speaking in a toxic tone
    I feel like I wrote my way up out of a burning building
    To earning millions in this world of soldiers and civilians
    I burn the oil every night as I return to brilliance
    Under the gun, I'm under pressure, under surveillance
    But I'm spitting the bigger picture, sending the benediction
    Some people write and live what I'm penning, this Little Richard
    Paper begins to rip while I'm illustrating the difference
    And a fake out and a way to break out
    I shawshank the great escape route

    [Lin-Manuel Miranda:]
    I wrote my way out
    [Aloe Blacc:]
    Oh I was born in the eye of the storm
    No loving arms to keep me warm
    This hurricane in my brain is the burden I bear
    I can do without, I'm here
    'Cause I wrote my way out

  • Bulega George
    Bulega George  2 months ago

    black thought a beast in the booth

  • Chris V.
    Chris V.  4 months ago +2

    Honestly, the fact Joyner sounds this good, next to Royce and BT (both legendary MCs) is phenomenal. Mad props, Joyner 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jessie Navarre
    Jessie Navarre  5 months ago

    wrote my way out instrumental ANYONE IM WILLING TO PAY FOR THE BEAT

  • Ruukey
    Ruukey  5 months ago +1

    Wow Royce is brilliant

  • I Do Monologues
    I Do Monologues  6 months ago +2

    Royce KILLED this!!!

  • theorysgiven705
    theorysgiven705  6 months ago

    We need the instrumental.

  • Rolli Zeezy
    Rolli Zeezy  7 months ago

    I can't believe I just heard about this, how the fuck this doesn't have over a billion views?? Everyone on the track is a fucking powerhouse!

  • Âdil K
    Âdil K  7 months ago

    How have i just found this

  • Ryan Demesme
    Ryan Demesme  8 months ago


  • nolanstevenson
    nolanstevenson  8 months ago

    1:12 replay for the heat

  • BlupInk Ediciones
    BlupInk Ediciones  8 months ago

    Nice, but Mixtape is better.

  • Matt Brigham
    Matt Brigham  9 months ago +1

    Joyner with the hottest verse as usual.

  • steven hoffman
    steven hoffman  9 months ago

    I fuck with joyner lucas but DAMM royce killed it hes soo real✅✅✅

  • Rivkah Levine
    Rivkah Levine  9 months ago

    I was gonna say something about Joyner, but I guess I don’t have to

  • Medium D Speaks
    Medium D Speaks  10 months ago

    I'm sorry what. Why was I not aware of this? JOYNER AND LIN MANUEL? I can fucking die now, my life is complete

  • Kimyona
    Kimyona  10 months ago

    0:38 I did my research, Hamilton's father did abuse the mother. He was also an alcoholic which made Hamilton despise drunkeness in the future. However, water wasn't clean back then so Hamilton's doctor said he could only have 3 glasses of wine. education