[LIVE HD] NDP 2019: Singapore's bicentennial National Day Parade | English audio

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • WATCH the live stream of Singapore's National Day Parade at the Padang as it marks 54 years of independence and the 200th anniversary of the British arrival in Singapore. This year's parade will see leaders of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia attending as guests.

    Watch the parade in Chinese on Mediacorp Channel 8: https://cnclips.net/video/OPpJAPyxsFE/video.html

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  • supreme dreamer power lunar

    I went and I am a student its sooo cool but never saw the red lion tho

  • sultanarsakor
    sultanarsakor  14 days ago

    Those air craft! Fly in whose air zone?
    In some years Changi will lost its passenger for sure.
    Except they develop vertical take off mass air transport

  • imon hosain
    imon hosain  21 days ago

    I am a Bangladeshi I love Singapore very much in my mind
    Singaporean Laws People and Singaporeans enjoy the culture of me
    So finally, ,,,, I love Singapore
    Happy Birthday 54 Singapore

  • Mary Ann Mendoza
    Mary Ann Mendoza  21 days ago

    The girl with the glasses is prtty

  • Mary Ann Mendoza
    Mary Ann Mendoza  21 days ago

    Oh oh oh oh oh our home our heart our singapore

    Me : we are singspore

  • Mary Ann Mendoza
    Mary Ann Mendoza  21 days ago

    Oh god thx for makeing singspore wat will we do without him

  • Mary Ann Mendoza
    Mary Ann Mendoza  21 days ago


  • ahmad zidane
    ahmad zidane  21 days ago


  • RedWings
    RedWings  a months ago

    1:26:20 WHY PORTALS LOL

  • Makpet Indon
    Makpet Indon  a months ago

    Happy national day for chinese regime of Singapore

  • SpongeMusic
    SpongeMusic  2 months ago


  • ADS Studio
    ADS Studio  2 months ago

    Sing ngeros

  • Aan Saputra
    Aan Saputra  2 months ago +1

    .singapore sudah di penuhi sma orang china smua kbnyakan org luar.. pdhal bhasa nx sama macam bhasa indonesia

  • Mr Noone
    Mr Noone  2 months ago

    long live Singapore!best wishes form china

  • Bay Sean
    Bay Sean  2 months ago

    Is there a video tape for this?

  • 爱新觉罗邦迪
    爱新觉罗邦迪  2 months ago

    So Singaporean could speak English formally not only singlish 🤣🤣🤣???

  • Bay Sean
    Bay Sean  2 months ago

    2:07:59 LKY segment.

  • unlimited journey
    unlimited journey  2 months ago


  • anak Creatif
    anak Creatif  2 months ago


  • Meme God27
    Meme God27  3 months ago