Stranger HIT My Car and RAN!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • AGAIN?! How does this keep happening to me?!


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  • Emelia Bedelia  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Who else is Aaron while eating?“DONT TALK TO ME IM EATING...”😂😂😂😂💀😂

  • Cristopher Suarez  (Dec 24, 2018))

    Yeah ME😂😂

  • laura garcia  (Dec 8, 2018))

    I'm Aron

  • Elysse Corinne  (Dec 4, 2018))

    I understand that he may not see this but Alex.... PLEASEEE put captions on? I’m going deaf and can’t hear too much so I can barley hear still with the volume all the way up. I’ll watch no matter what but it would be amazing if you could put on captions so I know what’s going on. Love you <3

  • Melissa Ammons  (Mar 15, 2019))

    There are captions

  • Kayla Nogra  (Dec 28, 2018))

    I wonder... Captions work for me... I wonder if the device u r on wont support captions. Thats weird but im sure he will fix it!

  • Arely 234  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Aaron is so me “don’t talk to me I’m eating”😂😂😂

  • Emelia Bedelia  (Dec 6, 2018))

    I love puppies 1 HAhahahahaa that’s what I said

  • Jadynn Smith  (Dec 4, 2018))

    I love how Matt kept giving you hugs because he loves you dude. Matt and Alex are so sweet. (The whole squad is) Also Alex didn't do it on purpose

  • Cheryl Goer  (Dec 5, 2018))

    Jadynn Smith they are so sweet together!

  • ツYTBryanVillagomez  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Who clicked on this video as fast as they could

  • Rosie Cheng  (Dec 4, 2018))


  • Felicia Bourque  (Dec 4, 2018))

    I did but then again I always do

  • Vlogs and Stuff  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Aww I love how Matt doesn’t want you to give him more presents!! 😭💕 friend goals 😂

  • Cheryl Goer  (Dec 5, 2018))

    Vlogs and Stuff I know it’s so sweet

  • Coralie Anne  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Does anyone else always get inspired to just start vlogging after watching Alex? Because ME

  • Kalo TAGILOA  (Dec 8, 2018))

    This is NZ

  • Natalie Roby  (Dec 5, 2018))

    I need help getting 8 more subs

  • Amany Elhadad  (Dec 4, 2018))

    *Plot twist:**Aaron hit it for revenge on what you did to his car*

  • a a  (Dec 5, 2018))

    Why he didn't be that bad

  • Cheryl Goer  (Dec 5, 2018))

    Amany Elhadad 😹😹

  • Lia Bezhan  (Dec 4, 2018))

    So much love and smiles and laughs in every video😂😍 love it❤

  • Mr Henkes  (Dec 6, 2018))

    I want old Wassabi Production

  • friskxlove64 _  (Dec 4, 2018))

    *_"Don't talk to me,I'm eating."_*UGH SUCH A MOOD. XDD