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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • NELK  11 months ago

    50,000 Likes on this video and we'll shoot Fake Sample Booth at Costco!

  • bkit5  8 days ago

    fuck you, jobless piece of shit. Your making fun of others who has an actually job, immature fuck. Don't bother people who are actually on the job, working.

  • Ty Penning  3 months ago

    NELK wheres it at boys??

  • Dallas Truck Scene  11 months ago

    You look like a lower version of Selena Gomez😂😂

  • m m  3 months ago

    That was cold hearted

  • Switch_ 0168  3 months ago

    That was pretty rude tbh

  • Maggie F.  11 months ago

    Wait why does Jesse have a du rag on 😭😂😂

  • Cause he applied for welfare

  • Mir  11 months ago

    Do a fake professor in college prank.

  • Shut the fuck up  4 months ago

    Mir good idea shqiptar

  • Tyler Dowd  11 months ago

    Man asked 36,000 for a fkn honda accord? LOOOL

  • Bush Hejira  1 months ago

    Chill Will optioned out not optioned up

  • Chill Will  1 months ago

    Bush Hejira it’s called souped. Literally “souped”. Not optioned up...Don’t ever say that around the wrong people 😂 you might hate yourself after

  • Jason Rubio  11 months ago

    When you guys shoot the fake employee pranks you should call the store the day before and ask to talk to the manager to learn the manager's name before hand.

  • Brian Christopher  5 months ago

    I respect supreme patty’s grind but I don’t find him funny or interesting at all...

  • Guy basically said he used them for views but he said it like "i dont fuck will yall"

  • Gang Land  1 months ago

    He a lil hoe and rude

  • Joey Arthur Zooberry  11 months ago

    Supreme acne

  • QB 94  3 months ago

    And weight gain lol

  • SadThunderFan  4 months ago


  • Masoud Mansori  11 months ago

    Pretend to be a substitute teacher

  • Third eye Open  11 months ago

    Y’all should pretend to work at any retail store and ask costumers to help do your job and if someone goes for it leave them to finish the task or let em know you’ll be back that you have something else you need help with Like if you agree this would have great reactions

  • andre M  11 months ago

    Elijah Williams AWESOME IDEA