Eminem biggest ever freestyle in the world! - Tim Westwood REACTION

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
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  • Bruh Bruh  2 months ago

    U must react to *Yelawolf - Bestfriend ft.Eminem*

  • David Pfeifer  2 months ago

    Bruh Bruh Yelawolf is so bad though

  • Bruh Bruh  2 months ago

    @Shivam Teelucksingh yeah i rank that from one of his tooop verses *ever*

  • vFWM  2 months ago

    even when em is joking he still is perfectly riding the beat and doesn’t take away from the flow at all, kinda hard to do

  • EndOfTheNight  a months ago

    eminem rode beats like a fucking king 2004-2006, his flow was the best in those years. so smooth and he should have been on real south hip hop beats back then..

  • A Mart  2 months ago

    Best Friends- Yelawolf ft. Eminem

  • Adrian  2 months ago

    Dub Fx - Flow

  • OBEMatt  2 months ago

    No kap lets hear pops spit some bars for us☺

  • Danger  2 months ago

    @mj dub means no joke... not playing around.. like for real

  • T - MAN  2 months ago

    mj dub it’s literally like “no lie” or “no playing”

  • michael atencio  2 months ago

    Best friend ( Yelawolf ft. Eminem). Salute & support 100.

  • iTigerax  2 months ago

    Should of done the 1999 Westwood freestyle with Em and Proof.

  • Zach saylor  2 months ago

    You guys should have done the shady XV cypher. That's the best freestyle ever

  • Gk ss  2 months ago


  • D4  2 months ago

    @emmanuel mckoy I'm talking about lyricism, not storytelling. The amount of rhymes per bar, the metaphors etc were better on Eminem's side. You don't have to tell a deep story every time you freestyle, sometimes you can just say whatever the fuck you want lol, and on the pure basis of just lyricism and wordplay, Eminem's was better. Sure, Black Thought's was a better story, but they had different goals when they were doing their stuff. However, I respect you opinion

  • Aaron Nichols  2 months ago

    Its crazy that an em freestyle is just as good as his tracks, says something about the music he makes

  • BlackSH0veldeath  2 months ago

    Aaron Nichols 90 percent wasn't off the dome. You do realize that right ? He talked bout it on Shade how the Stans always think it's off the dome 😂. Which is hilarious. Look up his actual off the dome freestyle with sway back in the day. Where sway slaughters him 😂

  • norskfylleangst  2 months ago

    The multis in here where off the wall for that time. Rhyming whole sentences 8 and 10 times in a row. If you listen to the Relapse album from a rhyming standpoint and don't get thrown off by the dark twisted psycho content or the accents you're actually in for a treat.

  • Travis Perkins  1 months ago

    Word, Relapse is extremely underrated, because Eminem had crazy rhymes. Like Stay Wide Awake shows how good he his at keeping up his multisyllabic rhyming.

  • Edward James  2 months ago

    norskfylleangst relapse is a lyrical masterpiece. the most lyrically complex and tight rhyme schemes ive ever heard

  • evilbug555to666  2 months ago

    Em about to pop a vein of his neck...fire freestyle 🔥🔥🔥