Cowboy Bebop | Lofi Hiphop & Jazzhop Mix

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Subscribe if you enjoyed ❤ Tracklist is in the description a tribute mix to the anime that got my channel on the map. I doubt any of you would know this but the first mix I ever made was a Cowboy Bebop one. It went somewhat viral reaching almost 2 million views before it got taken down... Well, it's been over a year now and I feel like I've complied some of the best jazzy Bebop vibes you can find. Its a million times better than my original mix and I'm quite proud of it. Hope you guys love it ❤️ TRACKLIST0:00 - Bell Peppers & Beef | Kendall Miles x Mukashi3:06 - hushed | quickly, quickly5:47 - solitude by nymano8:16 -夜の波 | mura kami10:53 - drm sqnc 1 | Idst12:26- bebop | bsd.u14:06 - white widow | bsd.u16:13 - Fleur De Mer | Kendall Miles19:00 - just wanna chill | DOMINANT22:51 - you're gonna carry that weight | cormac26:32 - wisdom | DOMINANT29:47 - departure | nymano32:18 - 24/7 | Kendall Miles34:32 - Waltz for Venus | Kendall Miles x Mukashi38:21 - youth | Kendall Miles40:37 - loop jazz | didi crazz44:02 - commute | dekobe46:55 - douceur | nymano48:55 - this girl | nymano51:12 - yuki | Mukashi56:00 - surely smooth | didi crazz58:48 - early wake up | nymano1:00:26 - bloom intro | johtoAmbition the Discord (16k members) Miles ,quickly kami crazz and intro scene are from Cowboy Bebop


  • Ambition  1 years ago

    Follow me on the socials space cowboys 🤠

  • SirYenko  6 days ago

    followed, is there anyway to download this entire groove?

  • Mrcrow Bagins  3 months ago


  • Super Ezekill  9 months ago

    "Instead of feeling alone in a group, it's better to have real solitude by yourself."

  • bennett thomas  17 days ago

    Super Ezekill sometimes havin someone there even if they get on your nerves sometimes isn’t so bad you make the best of ur time ya fill

  • ER2BROS  22 days ago

    chillhop study beats

  • Makoto Nijima  1 years ago

    Bell peppers and beef ❤️

  • oopserv316  1 months ago

    @Jacob Grier no, hes broke

  • Bene Fits  3 months ago

    wouldnt really call it bell peppers and beef now would you

  • TheDirtyGrandpa  1 years ago

    I'm out. See ya' Space Cowboys.

  • Renan Gonçalves  2 months ago

    Until another life when we are cats.

  • 12345678910  9 months ago

    cya in hell bro

  • strawberry  1 years ago

    Hunger is the best spice.

  • Jason Wei  1 months ago

    The English patient?

  • Dream  1 years ago

    Looks like tonight is going to be another long night.. So I'm glad I have Spike, Jet and Faye as companions, It's better this way.

  • Rosen Kolev  24 days ago

    and the doggo

  • Rosen Kolev  24 days ago

    what about Ed tho?

  • Rytov Anatoly  6 months ago

    "Im not going there to die - Im going there to find if im really alive" - sends me shivers

  • Meris  1 months ago

    @Mrcrow Bagins It's not about being fearless as such but about facing the past

  • Mrcrow Bagins  1 months ago


  • weeb legend  1 years ago

    Y O U R E G O N N A C A R R Y T H A T W E I G H T?

  • GeneralAwesome  1 months ago

    dudewhy you gotta remind me of the feels

  • Léon Troglodyte  2 months ago


  • Evil Bluejay  1 years ago

    It's essential to check the fridge every now and then.

  • Meris  1 months ago

    That image of spike opening the fridge still haunts me.

  • Irvine Spiegel  1 years ago

    Cowboy Champloo

  • Solomon Kane  1 months ago

    I wish the two had interconnected lore. Mugen could totally have been Spikes distant ancestor.

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍