Victory Belongs To Jesus (Live in South Africa) - Todd Dulaney feat. Lebohang Kgapola

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 15, 2018


  • Angella Robinson
    Angella Robinson  6 hours ago

    Victory belongs to Jesus

  • M E R I A M U H E Y A
    M E R I A M U H E Y A  7 hours ago +1

    Victory BELONGS to HIM🎶

  • Truebeauty Isfromwithin

    Victory belongs to you Jesus 🙏
    The battle is over
    Thank you Jesus for what you are doing victory belongs to you Lord 👏👏🙏🙏

  • Anesu Maggy
    Anesu Maggy  12 hours ago +1

    Bcom Accounting graduate😭🌸. This victory belongs to you Lord 😫❤❤❤

  • Josephine Appiah
    Josephine Appiah  21 hours ago +1

    After four years in the university
    I got so sick two days to my final paper and had a surgery on the day of that exam
    Still have that exam to write but I know victory belongs to him

  • Marlene Bagayamukwe

    Lost my baby boy the same day he was born 19th January. Victory belongs to you Jesus 🙏

  • Paul Adelaide
    Paul Adelaide  2 days ago

    I m Victory

  • Delta Ntambo
    Delta Ntambo  2 days ago

    Who will stand against our king?? NO ONE CAN!!!

  • Gratidão a ti meu Deus e meu Senhor!!!

    Victory belongs To Jesus!!! I receive my blessing and miracles!

  • Ori Mcnews
    Ori Mcnews  3 days ago

    Victory belongs to jesus .

  • udaku extra
    udaku extra  3 days ago +1

    And still victory belongs to Jesus

  • Angel Kessy
    Angel Kessy  3 days ago

    Sure! Victory belongs to Jesus....

  • Metuge Mimi
    Metuge Mimi  3 days ago +1

    Victory belongs to Jesus. My trust is in you lord

  • Rosa Da Silva
    Rosa Da Silva  4 days ago

    Victory belongs too jesus amen my family will be coverd my kids my heart guide it

  • Nchimunya Luchaba Simabwaci

    No one can stand against the Lord!!!

  • Oladipo Kemi
    Oladipo Kemi  5 days ago

    Some testimonies made me shed tears ..... Yes!!! VICTORY BELONGS TO JESUS. I pray, I'm able to share my own testimonies too before this year runs to an end. Amen

  • inge frank
    inge frank  5 days ago

    I believe in the name of Jesus. thank you Lord Amen. Victory belongs to Jesus.

  • Loveth Lucky
    Loveth Lucky  5 days ago

    Lost my mum Jan 17
    But I know that victory belongs to God.

  • Grace Lytax
    Grace Lytax  5 days ago

    God is so good. He picked me up from the bottom of my class. I got the lowest grade possible in my high school Maths exam and my family didn't have any money to put me back in school or get me a tutor to retake the exam. I only had 2 months left to prepare, and I have dyslexia and adhd. Somehow God managed to take me from a U to a B+ (one mark off from an A). I remember begging God to at least give me a passing mark, and though rhe process of failure was painful I am so glad it happen cause it has not only taght me to work hard, but it has showed me how God really can do the impossible. To God be the glory!