Monroe The Husky Does Agility❣

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • Aunt Jen has been taking care of Monroe while I take care of Tonka❣ It's hard not to be able to love on her and do these things but I know it's what's best to help Tonka accept Monroe ❤️😊👍! Thank you SO much for Watching and Commenting :)! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE , LIKE SHARE & Click on the Notification BELL so you know when we put new videos up!If you would like to help us with our future Road Trips you can send a gift to you give through YouTube the keep 40% If you prefer to use YouTube we Appreciate that too ❤️😊👍!This Month is Elena's 5th Birthday and the Twins Brody. Ashers 11th and my Sons 32nd ❤️😊👍!If you want to send mail or a gift you can mail it toTonka the MalamutePO Box 350732Grand Island FL 32735If you want to send Capone, Aunt Jen, Princess or Woo Somethingjust add c/o and their name ❤️😊👍!To become a Patron Purchase Tonka's Merchandise at #WaterWolf #teamtonka #tonka #malamuteDesigned By BooTonka & Abryella The Bully Tonka Of Woo The Bluebay Shepherd & Princess Too will Laugh Out Loud at: "Embarrassed Malamute Won't Look At Me!!!"


  • the Clifford fan
    the Clifford fan  a years ago +50

    She looks like a baby polar bear

  • Tracy Frederick
    Tracy Frederick  a years ago +20

    Dang she's beautiful Does big brother Tonka understand she's a baby ?
    Woo is so good with her !

  • Uncle Yukon
    Uncle Yukon  a years ago +19

    Monroe is having LOTS of fun. lol

    MARCEL-STEFAN JUCAN  a years ago +22

    The Polar Bear Monroe 😍😍😍

  • La Mica
    La Mica  a years ago +13

    Woo would be a good mama! Tonka is confused with his new role as an big Brother maybe. He wants to be the only one baby right now. 😂❣

  • Rie Beachn
    Rie Beachn  a years ago +14

    Monroe looks like a Polar bear💕💕💕

  • Mr.Stranger
    Mr.Stranger  a years ago +6

    I am not a dog expert, but maybe Tonka will feel better about Monroe when he gets home.

  • rennie rad
    rennie rad  a years ago +5

    She's a very smart girl,before you know it Tonka will be best friends with her. ❤

    MY BUDDY BO  a years ago +5

    Tonka is like Aunt Jen you take Monroe & I'll keep Woo! lol 💗

  • 2115virgo13
    2115virgo13  a years ago +7

    I really hope Tonka adjust to new addition. Maybe Monroe can become daddy’s girl. I’ve got my concern on getting a new pup with Letty . She is my shadow! I want so bad for her to have a brother. I just don’t want her to be jealous!

  • Aunt Clare
    Aunt Clare  a years ago +5

    Look momma ain't I a clever girl, look I can do the agility. Bonnie you have one fast learner there. Bless her. Did Tonka get to have fun in the dog park. Monroe and Woo are getting on well. Have a blessed day. 🤗 😘 🐺 🐕❤️

  • Queen Daniels
    Queen Daniels  a years ago +6

    Monroe with the sky blue eyes

  • Aunt Peggy McDonell
    Aunt Peggy McDonell  a years ago +5

    Monroe really did good with the ability. Maybe now Tonka will act better with her after seeing woo with ger

  • MsPhillyG
    MsPhillyG  a years ago +4

    That's a good idea letting Tonka see that Woo is accepting Monroe.

  • Moonlight Quartz
    Moonlight Quartz  a years ago +3

    Bonnie just let Tonka do it at his own pace but be blessed

  • Rose Momo
    Rose Momo  a years ago +5

    Hello Tonka and his little sister monroe!😙😘🙌

  • I'ma Vegemite
    I'ma Vegemite  a years ago +2

    Thanks for the update on the fluff ball and family. Love ya Tonka and Woo. 💕💕

  • James Shenesky
    James Shenesky  a years ago +6

    Woo' s getting along well with Monroe because she's another female dog . Tonka might take awhile longer to get used to having another pup to share you with . Up until now he got all your attention now Monroe's getting getting all the attention cause she's new and she's a puppy . Sibling rivelry just like a new baby in the house .

  • fakhfakh issam
    fakhfakh issam  a years ago +2

    monroe is so cute and fluffy i'm a bit jealous :D i hope you keep posting videos of your dogs :)

  • Linda Wakefield-Hoffman

    We have 5 Siberians....our youngest could be Monroe's twin brother! His name is Beethoven. We call him B-Dog for short.