New $100 Project Car: 1991 Pontiac Firebird Rescue (Ep.1)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • Time for the start of a new project car series, this time covering a 1991 Pontiac Firebird Coupe with a 305 small block Chevy engine and a 700R4 transmission. My neighbor needed to get rid of it but didn't want to send it to the scrapyard, so he offered it to me for $100 and I gladly accepted. It has quite a few miles and has been sitting for a few years, so there is a lot of work to be done on this project!Dates of filming: July 8th, 2018 (Buying)July 12th-13th, 2018 (Oil Change, Washing, etc.)Song List (Order of First Appearance):0:00 Birds in Flight – Dan Lebowitz1:51 Scapes – Silent Partner6:40 Pluto – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena9:13 Golden Days – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena13:45 Pickup Truck – Silent Partner16:00 Open Highway – Silent Partner16:34 Awakening – Silent Partner17:26 Days Are Long – Silent Partner(All music provided by YouTube's Audio Library royalty free.)Thanks for watching, and joining us on this adventure! Please let us know what you think! Consider supporting us via Patreon as well! our Instagram for more pictures and teasers:


  • Shizu -chan
    Shizu -chan  6 months ago +2628

    That car for 100$ ?
    Why don't I have neighbors like that...

  • Simon Hanus
    Simon Hanus  3 months ago +1509

    Imagine selling your crap car to your neighbor for 100 dollars then the next day you see him drive out of his garage with it looking brand new.

  • Viejo Smythe-Higgins
    Viejo Smythe-Higgins  3 months ago +1122

    -ok how much you want for it
    -100 USD
    -no way
    -it includes a broom stick

  • Kiing JG
    Kiing JG  2 months ago +702


  • Stemara Bella the Cat
    Stemara Bella the Cat  6 months ago +904

    "So we'll take a Dremel with a thin cut off wheel.... So we'll take a Dremel with a thick cut off wheel"

  • gaiskerein
    gaiskerein  5 months ago +631

    The broomstick cost 50% of the total price of the car.

  • Finn Johnson
    Finn Johnson  5 months ago +456

    What a steal! A driveable 91 Firebird for $100 is like a dream come true... I'm insanely jealous but at the same time super happy it didn't get scrapped

  • ShironTHPS
    ShironTHPS  3 months ago +265

    "Then we'll get it nice and clean, so the spiders have a new smooth surface to lay their eggs on"

  • Mick Meathead
    Mick Meathead  1 months ago +29

    Great job on the Firebird! So much more satisfying when you do it yourself. I picked up a 1987 RX-7 turbo for $500 I did all the body and interior work myself. I pulled the engine and had a new rotor seal installed. It took me almost a year to finish it and now it looks and runs like new! For anyone into restoring a vehicle I would recommend an excellent software product I use on my laptop to record the different stages of the restoration with images etc. It also tracks all the maintenance, repairs, parts and expenses. If you decide to sell the vehicle you can print out nice reports for the buyer. I've sold 2 restored vehicles this way very quickly. Now on to my next project :)

  • jasonpair16
    jasonpair16  7 months ago +2553

    Your welcome brother glad I was able to hand it to some one that loves it as much as I did

  • robo bitch
    robo bitch  2 months ago +111

    Next vid: I bought my neighbours house for 100$

  • Munchkin Cat
    Munchkin Cat  2 months ago +54

    8:15 "It's best to change your oil on a windy day so most of it ends up in your face instead of on the asphalt"
    love that sarcasm 😂😂👌

  • Nikhil Shirke
    Nikhil Shirke  5 months ago +105

    100$ for firebird is a clear sign of charity

  • Pissy Soles
    Pissy Soles  6 months ago +160

    Guys Never tighten an oil filter with tools. Hand tight is more then enough. You just make it hard for the next guy who changes the oil

  • Guus Bouwmans
    Guus Bouwmans  6 months ago +63

    I've watched a lot of car related content, but I've never, NEVER seen somebody vacuum the underside of a car haha.

  • Webflinger Joe
    Webflinger Joe  2 months ago +37

    "Make sure to do it on a windy day so it blows allover your face"
    Right there i subbed

  • kctyphoon
    kctyphoon  6 months ago +87

    I cant believe someone mounted a front plate like that.. you gotta be kidding me..

  • 13 21
    13 21  5 days ago +4

    100 f***ing dollars! I live in russia and here you cant buy even an old lada(russian car). And you must know - lada is much worse than pontiac! They are like earth and sky! But in my country i can watch this video and get a satisfaction, this pontiac is amazing!
    Sorry if i wrote this with some mistakes

  • Guitar3000LP
    Guitar3000LP  2 months ago +6

    Have you checked the blinker fluid?

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O  6 months ago +26

    I'm not sure where you got the idea of using a tool to tighten the oil filter but, hand tight is all that is required. The seal expands with temperature.
    Cool ride though for a hundred bucks.