Trying Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bombs • Saf & Tyler

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 4, 2017
  • We tried out the viral Harry Potter Sorting Hat bath bombs! I still think Pottermore is more accurate, BUT... taking a bath for the first time in a while was ~magical~ (and linty).Link to where I got my bath bombs:’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications!Safiya's Nextbeat:'s Channel: PleasuresSorcerer's DanceBizarre TwistForest EdgeRaindrops and RosesDance Of The ElvesElephants On IceMicro MischiefSFXvia AudioBlocks


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +8157

    HELLO LOVES! it's a new week, time for a bath!! hehe. what house are you in??!?

  • gozes
    gozes  2 years ago +13502

    So he chose Gryffindor but his bath bomb chose him as Slytherin. So your boyfriend is basically Harry Potter.

  • Isabella Rosero
    Isabella Rosero  5 months ago +1560

    What non-potter heads think the houses mean:
    Slytherin: EVIL!!!
    Ravenclaw: Nerds
    Hufflepuff: REALLY nice (or miscellaneous)
    Gryffindor: the only important house/all main characters

  • Karencillapilla
    Karencillapilla  4 months ago +863

    *Shane has left the chat*
    *Garrett has entered the chat*

  • Andrea Gettling
    Andrea Gettling  4 months ago +518

    after doing a tiny bit of unintentional research, i found that the hufflepuff house was put right next to the kitchen on purpose. it says in the second and third paragraph's of helga hufflepuff's backstory that she loved to cook and that her fantastic recipes are still used in the hogwarts kitchen to this day

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones  1 months ago +217

    "... keel "
    I'm still crying

  • Chloe
    Chloe  2 years ago +2296

    Bruh you think a pheasant is pathetic for the patronos quiz I got a freaking salmon??!

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android  5 months ago +298

    to be fair,,, safiya's first 2 bath bomb picks were ravenclaw. if they hadn't done that she would have got ravenclaw!!!

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith  3 months ago +133

    Yellow was the only one that didn’t disintegrate.
    Hufflepuffs. Keepin it together since 990AD

  • Yasmin Bro
    Yasmin Bro  2 months ago +170

    Hey safiya,
    You should do harry potter themed makeup look for a week

  • Cody Chappell
    Cody Chappell  5 months ago +205

    "Want a capri sun?"
    "I'm not nervous!
    Yeah I want a Capri sun."
    *sips Capri sun
    *makes knarled face

  • veronica
    veronica  2 years ago +2223

    Harry Potter fans act like their house is their sexuality😂

  • Abigail McMillin
    Abigail McMillin  5 months ago +352

    Slytherin anyone
    Why is everyone Hufflepuff

  • Umbridge Potter
    Umbridge Potter  4 months ago +69

    Took the pottermore quiz around 5 times as well
    1) Hufflepuff
    2) Ravenclaw
    3) Ravenclaw
    4) Slytherin
    5) Ravenclaw
    also my patronus is a lioness :)

  • Dorky Nugget
    Dorky Nugget  7 days ago +23

    "Said Slytherin, 'We'll teach just those Whose ancestry is purest.'"
    "Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose Intelligence is surest.'"
    "Said Gryffindor, 'We'll teach all those With brave deeds to their name.'"
    "Said Hufflepuff, 'Ill teach the lot, And treat them just the same.'"

  • Paige Fourie
    Paige Fourie  2 months ago +32

    I'm hufflepuff😂💛 I love baths and food so I'd say it's accurate😂😂😂

  • Catherine Tate
    Catherine Tate  2 years ago +5087

    get you a man who brings you capri suns in the bathtub 👍

  • Nails Are Life
    Nails Are Life  4 months ago +113

    Wow. I just went to Pottermore. I'm a Ravenclaw!! 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Orion King
    Orion King  1 months ago +26

    I've done it 7 times on Pottermore, and countless on quotev, and I've never gotten anything but Slytherin 🤣

  • Weįrdø Vaeh
    Weįrdø Vaeh  2 months ago +21

    Where's my fellow slytherins? 🐍🖤