Pio's 24K Gold Pizza is The Most Expensive Pizza in the World! | Excess w/ Pio

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Pio hits up Industry Kitchen in New York City to eat a pizza made with 24K Gold. This pizza costs $1480 and is certified by Guinness World Records as The Most Expensive Pizza in the World!
    Pio’s 24K Gold Chicken Wings! | Excess w/ Pio - https://cnclips.net/video/Y6u2_0UmVJo/video.html

    Pio meets Executive Che of Industy Kitchen, Braulio Bunay. He created the Guinness World Record breaking 24K Gold Pizza. This extravagant pizza starts with Black Squid Ink Dough and White Stilton Cheese and throws it in the over. From there he adds Foie Gras, black truffle, and tops it 24K gold from Ecuador and Italy. Braulio finishes it off with Almas Caviar from the Caspian Sea. This pizza delivered to your door with cost $2700 w/the delivery fee.

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  • LionDreemz YT
    LionDreemz YT  2 days ago

    Lucky kid

  • ironicz123
    ironicz123  2 days ago +1

    43 but acts like a child in his mannerism and language

  • thomas murphy
    thomas murphy  5 days ago +3

    Every bs expensive food is just covered in edible gold caviar and truffles must all taste the same

  • TC Da Gang
    TC Da Gang  7 days ago

    He like Johnny dang but wit pizza 💎🍕

  • Gavin Zazueta
    Gavin Zazueta  7 days ago

    Who is this

  • c a r l o
    c a r l o  7 days ago

    Pizza hut and shakeys is better for me.

  • Ballsy Bunny
    Ballsy Bunny  7 days ago

    I love these videos shows so many different people and cultures, businesses, and commodities. very entertaining

  • Japaulus Hall
    Japaulus Hall  7 days ago

    A 6 dollar hot and ready will blow this out any day

  • Outreyu Travis
    Outreyu Travis  7 days ago +1

    I love this video

  • Elite TerryYT
    Elite TerryYT  7 days ago +1

    No Pepperoni 🍕 that miss up little Cesar and Domino’s And pizza John and Pizza Hut its better

  • Stanzxy
    Stanzxy  7 days ago

    Sir your total is 91 cents

  • Nay Soe
    Nay Soe  14 days ago

    Ramsey be like where is the sauce

  • Bottom Ramen
    Bottom Ramen  14 days ago

    BET has sucked for a long time but this is trash, all time low.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob  14 days ago

    in the background..... “nice and crispy”

    only real doughers understand

  • Vel Dogg's Kitchen
    Vel Dogg's Kitchen  14 days ago +1

    I never want to be rich to eat a pizza that cost that much simply stupid

  • Jean marie Guerrier

    Pio haitiano klk pio

  • rafael plasencia
    rafael plasencia  14 days ago

    Pio brother 😁😁

  • Tianna Dwomoh
    Tianna Dwomoh  14 days ago

    How old is he

  • Franco Arias
    Franco Arias  14 days ago

    Que sabe el pio de esa vaina un tipo acostumbrado a comer fritura i platano

  • BloodyRemains
    BloodyRemains  21 days ago

    We need gordan ramsy