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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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  • Selena Valenzuela
    Selena Valenzuela  a years ago +234

    14:26 your welcome😉

  • Paullyn Han
    Paullyn Han  a years ago +366

    “What do you think?”

  • Piquetures by Nomi
    Piquetures by Nomi  a years ago +91

    4:32 "are we on a dad date right now?" "this is literally a dad date" LOLOL

  • bangTAE sonKOOKdon
    bangTAE sonKOOKdon  a years ago +75

    Do a 'How I edit my instagram photos' video!!!💓💓 Loveee youuuuu Laurennnn💓💓💓

  • annaleeandjesse
    annaleeandjesse  a years ago +224

    Yaaaay! Jesse !! The photos look amazing babe !... ps. This is anna!

  • Jianna Kerimi
    Jianna Kerimi  a years ago +113

    moose is so cute when he swims! thank you for always making my week happier once I watch your videos! like if u agree💕✨ love you☀️

  • LovedHappy
    LovedHappy  a years ago +206

    that sweatshirt is so cuuuute!!!

  • Pretty. Oof
    Pretty. Oof  a years ago +30

    I freakin wish I could get merch... Annabeth: you can never say bubbles in a threatening way
    Percy: ????
    (5 minutes later)
    Jason: annabeth, why is Percy angrily screaming bubbles on the roof?

  • Alaina Nicole
    Alaina Nicole  a years ago +83

    Your photos always look bomb!!😍😍😍

  • Angelique Taylor
    Angelique Taylor  a years ago +36

    We Dont need Gucci we need Laurdiy>.<

  • Andy Huynh
    Andy Huynh  a years ago +617

    We don’t need Coachella to be entertained Lauren!! We just need you, Alice, and Moosie Bear!! Ilysm

  • Elliee Smith
    Elliee Smith  a years ago +48

    I miss baby Dino also the chicken nugget waddle
    P.S love ❤️ you so much 😘😘

  • Anushka Pant
    Anushka Pant  a years ago +56

    Its always double the fun watching the same thing in alex's and lauren's vlog when they are together 💙💙😂😂 and #gobam💙💙

  • IlianaBlue
    IlianaBlue  a years ago +32

    Merch's soo cute ❤🙌 the pics look really good btw..loved the vlog x

  • Kavya M
    Kavya M  a years ago +11

    THAT HODDIE IS SO CUTE OMGGGGGG 😍 p.s.... why aren't you going to coachella?

  • Renata Cerva
    Renata Cerva  a years ago +253

    I need my own moosie in my life!! 💞

  • lilly h
    lilly h  a years ago +17

    6:06 who else thought of simplynailogical??😂😂

  • Emma Navarro
    Emma Navarro  a years ago +14

    By the way Lauren's instagram is so pretty like goals pretty
    Also I'm so excited for the new merch 🙌🏼👍🌈✨🌟⭐️🎉🎊

  • Sweetly Bear
    Sweetly Bear  a years ago +8

    My dog goes crazy when I blow bubbles she just starts jumping up and down and try’s to eat them

  • Genesis Bucup
    Genesis Bucup  11 months ago +4

    I'm sad Laurex is taking a nap. But I know it's for the best and I'm hoping laurex comes back really soon. 😕❤️#LaurexComesBack