Tfue Dies To A Bot Then Spectates Him (Hilarious)

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
  • Tfue Dies To A Bot Then Spectates Him (Hilarious)

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  • Ultragamer 64
    Ultragamer 64  4 hours ago

    But the guy he was spectating is a pro! How is he a bot? Did you not see how fast this so called “bot” was building?

  • Nathan Plant
    Nathan Plant  11 hours ago

    My birthdays January 27th *well at least me and Tfues month are the same*

  • baby girl
    baby girl  11 hours ago

    This is so funny I literally just wanna choke myself

    DIS BOI IS CRAZY  13 hours ago


  • Drastic Crane
    Drastic Crane  21 hours ago

    He's such a fucking bot
    I love it :))

  • ImRabbit
    ImRabbit  22 hours ago

    Fortnite = EZ way to make Money

  • Xx Killcode xX -

    what you are looking for is 6:09

  • kobe kobe
    kobe kobe  yesterday

    Best part 13:00

  • kobe kobe
    kobe kobe  yesterday

    That was me 😂😂

  • OutstandingOwl
    OutstandingOwl  yesterday

    There aren't bots in fortnite

  • Noah Keagle
    Noah Keagle  yesterday

    Not hilarious

  • Og kevin
    Og kevin  yesterday

    tfue bday 1 day after mine

  • Xnine_-bit-_X X

    I wish I had way more subscribers because I get made fun of at school because of it, my friends won't hang out with me because they have way more than me and I wish I just had more 😭

  • Sini ster
    Sini ster  yesterday


  • Cage Buddy
    Cage Buddy  yesterday

    This man is gay

  • FortniteGuy [YT]
    FortniteGuy [YT]  2 days ago

    The blue striker bot is playinh with a controller, u can tell by look at how he switches his weapons, no joke

  • Rdog 1507
    Rdog 1507  2 days ago

    Obviously that’s not a bot. You can tell by the way he builds and uses the third person camera to peek. This is exactly like me when I first started playing. But streamers can’t accept that they actually got killed by a bad player.

  • Flyer tails 501
    Flyer tails 501  2 days ago

    Be gone bot

  • Miguel Angel Herrera

    6:10 he finally, actually dies. Thank me later

  • The MoVemenT
    The MoVemenT  2 days ago +1

    Just cause tfue or ninja dies doesn't mean its stream sniping or hacking there just sore losers. Mic drop