Every iPhone Ad (2007-2017) 2G - 7 Plus

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 6, 2017


  • ProjectNova0
    ProjectNova0  21 days ago +543

    New video is up on the iPhone 11 Pro! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!!!!! https://youtu.be/wkWDvv_cuXQ

  • Jaycee Shelton
    Jaycee Shelton  2 hours ago +1

    Remember back in the day when we only had one camera on our phones😶

  • Joaquin Lopez
    Joaquin Lopez  2 hours ago

    I have never been r/wooshed so I’m going to say a sentence and just r/wooosh me, ok?

    “I don’t get why everyone thinks the normal iPhone was good, iPhone 11 also had 3 cameras because it makes the camera better and shit like that”

  • Pariz144
    Pariz144  3 hours ago

    i did not expect to see bill hader in this video but im glad i did

  • Jake Animates
    Jake Animates  4 hours ago

    16:46 I thought this was a apple comertial lol

  • Benzyme
    Benzyme  7 hours ago

    9:09 I want this man as my uncle

  • Adam M
    Adam M  7 hours ago

    Okay but are we gonna talk about the 5C ad featuring minorities that says “for the colorful”?

  • Christal Christal
    Christal Christal  7 hours ago

    Damn this video made me feel old.....And I’m 12

  • MemeChip
    MemeChip  8 hours ago

    Pretty much the only thing that they changed is the price lol

  • Wes Films
    Wes Films  9 hours ago


    Environmentalists left the chat

  • Hej Pådig
    Hej Pådig  9 hours ago +1

    Is it only me that remembered the first iPhone I got and I was so happy omg:)

  • eve
    eve  11 hours ago

    BILL HADER????

  • Melanie Dejesus
    Melanie Dejesus  12 hours ago

    Imagine how excited people were about copy and paste OMFG

  • Lovely Jubbly
    Lovely Jubbly  15 hours ago

    MO-BUL 😑

  • Sofia Buitron
    Sofia Buitron  22 hours ago

    Well, fun fact- incredibles didn’t come out until 2009

  • Ila Chander
    Ila Chander  23 hours ago +1

    i was born before iphone and im proud of myself lmao

  • L.E.T GANG
    L.E.T GANG  yesterday

    why it look like the 4 had portrait mode??

  • Rosie Plays
    Rosie Plays  yesterday

    Am I the only one watching this but I have an Android I mean I used to have an iPhone 6s

  • emma spinello
    emma spinello  yesterday

    13:09 okay so now my life is complete

  • Freja Roed
    Freja Roed  yesterday +1

    "If you don't have an iphone, well you don't have an iphone" 👏🏻wow such great quote😂