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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • In Memory of VAASCO. (1999 - 2018) RIPPaying my respects to the Originator of the TRAPPIN Series : EmotionalTokyo HYMBEATS#PHONK #EmotionalTokyo #RyanCelsiusSC: TRACKLIST ----------0:00 DJ YUNG VAMP - IM JUST AN HOLOGRAM Video by Sense GateDirected By Boris Grigoryev2:05 BURNR - FLOSSIN Shakewell - Relapse (KVZMAH Remix) BRKCHK - KILOS w/ OVERSLEPT YVNG TAVO - ITS LIT Green Piccolo - X Files HYMBEATS - WHY U MAD? Drxwn - aimin for your head blk.swan - Wanksta Credit - Ermsy24:57 CATVLYST - Real Ones ft. Elaksi & Suggs DJ POPROBOVAL - Sad Machines Tsuji - Mist YUSHEE (MELANTO) - BLISS W/ iNFMS Vincnt Vega - SLAM DUNKIN A$AP ROCKY - A$AP FOREVER (SB REMIX)41:57 VAASCO. - koshjia. ----------------------------------------------------Phonk mix▶▶ATTENTION ARTISTS AND PRODUCERS▶▶----Submissions: Free Music Distribution on spotify , itunes , and more▶▶Community: ---t-shirts: :▶▶Images: out the 24/7 Live Stream !▶▶Bother me on social media things ▶▶ ryancelsius


  • Sense Gate
    Sense Gate  4 months ago +136

    EmotionalTokyo, we are waiting for more mixes!
    Ryan, thanks for your contribution to the genre promotion.

  • J Den
    J Den  4 months ago +73

    giving props to the pioneer emotionaltokyo, RC always a true class act

  • Michael Collier
    Michael Collier  4 months ago +55

    Trappin in heaven started me on the phonk and it’s been an incredible journey over the years. Thank you and emotional Tokyo for being so blessed to myself and the community. You’re doing gods work. Keep on trappin my homie

  • CATO MINE Gaming
    CATO MINE Gaming  4 months ago +96

    0:05 him: 🗿🚬

    XXATANAZ  4 months ago +57

    I remember when trappin in heaven 1 dropped. That my chain remix was godly!

    SB AKA SMASH BEATZ  4 months ago +52

    Yo thanks for adding me bro. 😊😊😊😊 (40:12)

  • - Shuya
    - Shuya  4 months ago +37

    You always upload right when i need it! Best decision to sub

    KVZMAH  4 months ago +75

    Thanks for the post, bro. I've finally made it on your channel! 🔥🔥🙌 (4:17)

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W  4 months ago +42

    I know what is going to be on repeat all week. Big ups to Emotional Tokyo for starting the wave. Trappin’ movement is worldwide.

  • Nassem
    Nassem  4 months ago +10

    Dang didn't know that creator passed, yo Ryan picked up the torch, lit a fat blunt, and smoked this mix a cloud up to heaven. Bless up based God

  • Gabe
    Gabe  4 months ago +19

    🔥 T r a p l o r d C e l s i u s 🔥

  • Victoria Villanueva
    Victoria Villanueva  1 months ago +3

    hah hah * hah hah HAH hahhh love this video it’s fun n cool 😎

  • kclanton54
    kclanton54  4 months ago +9

    Don’t care how late i am to work now, been waiting for this to drop

  • nfxCoffeeBreak
    nfxCoffeeBreak  4 months ago +11

    Alright I think it's time to set a joint on fire. Awesome upload, as usual.

  • leo mendoza
    leo mendoza  yesterday

    Legends will remember when there was no ads

  • Trapanese Finest
    Trapanese Finest  4 months ago +5

    This is excellent, 💯🔥 Celsius ❤

  • George Cary
    George Cary  4 months ago +7

    FUCKKKKKK THAT INTRO MAN 😍😍😍 the wait between each ‘TRAPPIN IN...’ almost kills me every time, but these intros rejuvenate and take me to. another. level.

  • joshua hensley
    joshua hensley  4 months ago +14

    ofmg you open with vamp
    you are a priceless royal crumpet

  • Mees Bruins
    Mees Bruins  4 months ago +9

    dj yang vamp is the goat for real, he inspired me so much with beats <3

  • Phillip Reed
    Phillip Reed  4 months ago +2

    Thanks for another 🔥mix. Know that we never take you for granted RC!