Ready For A New Girlfriend

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Time to start the next chapter of my life ❤️


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  • Amanda Gomez  (Jan 23, 2019))

    **scrolls straight to the comments to see if any tea got spilled 😂😂

  • Katalina Samisoni  (Apr 15, 2019))

    That's freaking me it had an add so i looked for any spoiler alerts

  • Shah Chowdhury  (Mar 22, 2019))

    Yeah me too!!! Lol😂

  • Haley Galapati  (Mar 12, 2019))

    I thought laurex was only taking a break 😣

  • SammyThe Panda  (Mar 16, 2019))

    The girlfriend part starts at 6:05Thank me later ;)

  • Kyru Studios  (3 days ago))

    No no I must thank you now

  • Kayla Guillen  (Apr 5, 2019))

    thank you so much! I wish everyone in the comment swere like this I always just have to skip through eveyrhting

  • thesweet velvet  (Jan 27, 2019))

    n n(^ -^)(>🍔> wan't some burger ? Cost 1 like

  • RainbowUnicorn LiliG  (Apr 13, 2019))

    You mean wan’t a burger not “wan’t some burger.”

  • JB  (Apr 8, 2019))

    Where my burger??

  • Adelaine G  (Jan 25, 2019))

    Omg guys.. everyone just stop bringing up Lauren now. I know everyone is upset cause they are not gonna get back together and I admit it I am too but I learned to get over it and so did Alex. I know Alex has not gotten over her completely yet and I’m sure everyone else does too but he’s trying his absolute hardest! So stop making it harder for Alex to get over her by leaving all these comments about Lauren/Laurex... I hope you guys understand and if you really support Alex you should be happy if he’s h...

  • Adelaine G  (Mar 14, 2019))

    ᏩᏌᎪᎠᎪᏞᏌᏢᎬ Santana don’t comment if u have nothing nice to say please and thank you xxx

  • Adelaine G  (Mar 14, 2019))

    Abigail Applewell well I kinda have now because it’s been so long and I just want them both to be happy x

  • Tay .R  (Jan 23, 2019))

    Ok here’s my shade to Alex but...I feel like he keeps telling the audience that Laurex is over and we have to move on but then he keeps using the breakup or girlfriend for views... 😐

  • Emery J Kolb  (5 days ago))

    RUDE ! He is going thru hard times ! 😾

  • Karsyn Zumbusch  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Goat Busters ahahaha that ain’t it

  • Jennifer Hackney  (Jan 25, 2019))

    For everyone saying that he is using the breakup for views is wrong. Alex was apart of that relationship and he can talk about how he is feeling whenever he wants. Alex cares about us and likes to share almost every part of his life with us so if he needs to tell us how hes feeling he can. I know this makes no sense at all but wc

  • Laurex Forever  (Feb 4, 2019))


  • MJSC  (Jan 30, 2019))

    Don't worry. U make sense. XD

  • Abby Vilchis  (Feb 10, 2019))

    What hapend to my side 😭😤🧐🤨

  • Family Abhyankar  (Apr 3, 2019))

    Oh ya what happened to that

  • Rebecca Kallinkal  (Jan 26, 2019))

    “they chilled so hard” 😂

  • Jovana Sretenovic  (Mar 9, 2019))


  • Obey Creamy  (Feb 17, 2019))

    FLAMINGO+Keasten Pettaway

  • I am BD difa  (Jan 25, 2019))

    i am so happy beacause you and lauren both still use the laurex language.. 😍😍

  • QuinnTheFluffyLlama  (Mar 8, 2019))

    Face it, Laurex is gone. Its over. Theyre both happy. Both are in relationships. Get. Over. It. Im not being mean, just stating simple facts, so dont even say anything about that.

  • Now she’s dating Jeremy..