The Truth About Gabi's Face Transformation

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • The Truth About Gabi DeMartino’s Face Transformation

    In this show, Niki visit youtubers' places, sits down with them, and has a super raw conversation about things they’re dealing with behind the camera. This show is usually on Niki’s channel “NIKI DEMAR” but both of us decided to put this on our shared channel to explain Gabi’s transformation to our entire audience. This show is bringing that wall down, bringing you closer to your favorite youtubers, and spreading awareness to important topics not discussed enough.

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    We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our twins wear boyfriends' clothes for a week video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like for a week, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, shopping videos, music, and more!


  • Crybaby Eilish
    Crybaby Eilish  yesterday

    Gabi:”I hate my teeth, I hate my lips,”

    But your talking to your identical your basically saying you hate how Niki looks or what..

  • Skylar Storm
    Skylar Storm  yesterday

    Gabi your are so beautiful. So let the haters go to 👇🏾

  • Everybody HatesPink

    She look like Ariana grande

  • Stygian Girl
    Stygian Girl  2 days ago +1

    Hmm not to be shady but even with fillers or whatever she still average looking

  • Alyssa Vergara
    Alyssa Vergara  3 days ago +1

    I truly love this video because I grew up looking like my dad and I always wanted to look like my mom so I know exactly how Gabi felt because I do want a nose job and it’s really hard to say

  • MariChat Adrienette
    MariChat Adrienette  3 days ago +2

    at some point of the video, it sounded like let it go was playing really really quietly in the backround

  • Tesla Ralte
    Tesla Ralte  3 days ago

    I love nikki so much..the way she handles the offense is amazing.

  • Pihu Dhungana
    Pihu Dhungana  4 days ago

    Omg.....i jst loved this conversation. jst so deep...❤💕I literally connected

  • Ever Greatest
    Ever Greatest  5 days ago +1

    "Our idol" the only idol you should have is God. Don't idolize celebs or youtubers

  • Ever Greatest
    Ever Greatest  5 days ago

    And she looks nothing like Ariana

  • Ever Greatest
    Ever Greatest  5 days ago +2

    Sad part is she doesn't even look like her mom. She wanted to look like her mom but doesn't look anything like that. Niki don't change your face. This isn't going to hold up for gabi when she's 60

  • Kiana Kosack
    Kiana Kosack  5 days ago

    I really hope she doesn't actually think tanning beds give you vitamin D. Also if the way your nose looks controls your entire day you've got some things to work on other than getting it "fixed". I fully support cosmetic procedures btw. Poor wording

  • Colton Hall
    Colton Hall  6 days ago +3

    don't juge me people but who else had a few tears while watching this

  • Lulu Seatown Getdown

    Niki is gorgeous here..... and they’re talking about her sister. That’s sad. This niki girl, she is mature and actually has depth.

  • Natalie
    Natalie  7 days ago

    Niki where is your outfit from?

  • brandon bee
    brandon bee  7 days ago

    and now niki has a full face of filler.

  • paige loughry
    paige loughry  7 days ago

    You should do shane dawesone next for sure ❤

  • Heather Clark
    Heather Clark  7 days ago

    omg i had a similar filler experience, i hid it from my family especially when it was swollen, i just went to work, school, and then to my room! then i moved out lol. they eventually found out and were against it

  • Paʋɨtɦʀa
    Paʋɨtɦʀa  7 days ago +1

    Yeah okay Gabi likes how she looks now, but I swear she looked so so beautiful and so so cute, before. She looks beautiful all the time.

  • Alma Anne
    Alma Anne  7 days ago

    Gabi now know kinda looks like ariana