House Is So Haunted Its For Sale Now! (Will You Buy It?)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • On today's haunted adventure, OmarGoshTV and James The Fam go to one of the worst neighborhoods in Florida to stay at a haunted house full of haunted history.

    Buy this haunted house! Orlando: (813) 308-9802

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  • OmarGoshTV
    OmarGoshTV  4 months ago +3963

    Worked really hard on this video to make it different than any other video I have filmed.. If it gets more than usual love I will be making every video like this or better. Love ya FAM..

  • Spike Buddy
    Spike Buddy  an hour ago

    i love your videos but it drives me crazy that Omar is always trying to debunk things everytime he hear a noise it can be spirits to

  • Ishmael Bulda
    Ishmael Bulda  2 hours ago

    Bro the shadow that 5:06. Was that your shadow or not. Cause when the light shone again in that direction there was no shadow. Isn't it weird that while you was talking about a shadow it kinda showed up.

  • Shakina Frink
    Shakina Frink  10 hours ago


  • Don Thecheech
    Don Thecheech  10 hours ago

    Why don't you fellas get some 5 k led 15000 lumen light fixtures and turn night into day in that dump.Ghost are the least of your worries, you boys are gonna catch an itch you can't scratch in that shit hole.

  • Edgar Augusto Ruiz Santos

    Nigas be thives yo!

  • Rose Btw
    Rose Btw  15 hours ago

    There is a black figure in the same corner as they were describing at 5:06

  • Rose Btw
    Rose Btw  15 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the figure that was really fant right in front of him at 4:30

  • Oreo Paul
    Oreo Paul  15 hours ago

    Angle: Let me throw my blessing at you
    You: I ain't want no blessing

  • Tabatha Sterling
    Tabatha Sterling  17 hours ago

    The bible was closed when he put it on the bucket. I dont know if they opened it but it was open on the bucket next time its in frame.

  • Lucas Aguilera
    Lucas Aguilera  19 hours ago

    14:56 the angel was on the window not the ground

  • H Power
    H Power  20 hours ago

    Don't do more of this other u be end up regreting

  • H Power
    H Power  20 hours ago

    I said your previous vid that these things follows you to your home and even they can be with your childrens from there childhood to matured and possessed too btw they are not spirits they r called jins

  • Keisha Jansen
    Keisha Jansen  22 hours ago

    That brown angle doll is creepy. When u guys got in that room that brown doll was at the window, then a few moments later when u guys heard things, u guys went in that room and that doll was not there it was on the ground and then later it flew out the room. Thats scary.

  • Sabrina sab
    Sabrina sab  yesterday

    Merci pour le partage mais dommage qu il n'y est pas de traduction en français

  • lance hizon
    lance hizon  yesterday

    here in the philippine we use ensenso , camanian ,salt and holy water from the church..

  • Josephine Villanueva

    Oh my god are there a ghost and i see something strange in there be careful there😱😱

  • Diane D.
    Diane D.  yesterday

    Why does James with his bad eyesight have the tiniest camera in the world?

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson  yesterday

    Don't you dumpster dive anymore??? I miss those videos.

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson  yesterday

    Its been so long since i've seen your vids! I thought a ghost got you.!!! 💀☠🤡👹👻👻. What part of Florida are you in. I grew up in central Fla..