Troye Sivan - THE QUIET (Lyric Video)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 19, 2015
  • Buy, Download or Stream The Quiet by Troye Sivan taken from the album Blue Neighbourhood: to the official Troye Sivan YouTube channel: Neighbourhood' merch & more here: Troye on...Facebook: http://www.troyesivan.tumblr.comOfficial Website:[Verse 1: Troye Sivan]Growing distance, free of explanationWe're getting deeper in this messTake careful contemplationI'd rather be spittin' bloodThan have this silence fuck me up[Verse 2: Troye Sivan]This separation, time and space between usFor some revelationYou didn't care to discussI'd rather be black and blueThan accept that you withdrew[Chorus: Troye Sivan]Aaah, just tell meSay anythingAnything hurts less than the quietJust tell meSay anythingAnything hurts less than the quiet[Verse 3: Troye Sivan]Used to give each other the world, every bitUsed to be the one you'd come toWhen it'd all go to shitNow I'm left here in the dustWith the taste of broken trust[Verse 4: Troye Sivan]And I don't wanna walk awayBut you left me no choiceOnly talking to myself hereNow you've muffled your voiceI'd rather have broken bonesThan feel myself turn to stone[Chorus: Troye Sivan]Aaah, just tell meSay anythingAnything hurts less than the quietJust tell meSay anythingAnything hurts less than the quiet[Bridge: Troye Sivan]I don't mind that I know that you're wrongI don't mind that you think you're rightAll I want is a fight to fightAnything but quiet[Outro: Troye Sivan]Just tell meSay anythingAnything hurts less than the quietWritten by Troye Sivan Universal Music Australia Pty LtdMade by: Made In Katana Music video by Troye Sivan performing THE QUIET. (C) 2015 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.


  • addi
    addi  3 years ago +3411

    Sometimes quiet is violent.

  • kelli_zzz
    kelli_zzz  3 years ago +2120

    Why are all these songs so calming?

  • Tacosxx
    Tacosxx  2 years ago +703

    if I see one more comment saying the flower petals look like chips

  • tayara
    tayara  2 years ago +363

    This song is so underrated

  • Loaf
    Loaf  2 years ago +472

    when someone does not respond your text

  • jersie nicole
    jersie nicole  3 years ago +1823

    0:38 "I'd rather be black and blue"
    Don't you mean "white and gold" ?
    Okay, I'll stop now

  • Jane R.
    Jane R.  3 years ago +368

    Alright this may sound crazy but here's a storyline:Two boys are in a relationship. They've been fine but one is getting more an more depressed. The other is desperately trying to bring them up, but even though they live on the same apartment, the boy hides himself in his room, ashamed and sad. It gets to the point where the other boy is desperate, and he needs his boyfriend to tell him anything, even if it's to break up, because he's scared that he's why his boyfriend is depressed. The boyfriend gets abusive to deal with his depression, but the boy doesn't care. He'll do anything for him, and would rather be hurt and broken then never hear his voice again. Angry and depressed the boyfriend kills himself, the boy heard the gunshot and runs to save him, but it's too late. The boy wants him to say anything, hit him, do anything to know he's okay, but he's gone, the room is quiet, and his voice will never be heard again.
    That was deep and I'm sorry.

  • A Cat on CatNip
    A Cat on CatNip  3 years ago +448

    all i can hear is "daddy" in the background help

  • Molly McMuffin
    Molly McMuffin  3 years ago +444

    "I'd rather be black and blue
    Than accept that you withdrew."
    For some reason that part makes me want to cry.

  • Rollcake
    Rollcake  3 years ago +620


  • keanna :
    keanna :  a years ago +265

    It’s been 3 years but this song still has my heart

  • ppphps
    ppphps  2 years ago +438

    They were just normal flower petals before I went through the comments,
    but now all I see are falling pringles.

  • Annie
    Annie  3 years ago +761

    These lyric videos are so beautifully made. The petals are calming to watch.

  • Trisha Yangan
    Trisha Yangan  3 years ago +261

    if sam smith and ed sheeran had a son it would be troye sivan

  • Sαтυяи
    Sαтυяи  2 years ago +211

    the gun at 3:14...

  • Samuel Wolf
    Samuel Wolf  3 years ago +885

    Anything hurts less than knowing that you will never go to a Troye concert

  • Karina Osbourne
    Karina Osbourne  2 years ago +277

    I mean silence is violent

  • Anna Berry
    Anna Berry  3 years ago +2820

    Anything hurts less than the word soon

  • Math Enthusiast
    Math Enthusiast  3 years ago +511

    I'd rather be white and gold
    Than accept that you withdrew

  • [ adriftjoonie ]
    [ adriftjoonie ]  2 years ago +157

    I can relate to this lyrics so much right now that it hurts so much to listen to this song