DEMOCRAZY - Board as Hell Highlights #1

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 28, 2018
  • Rather than including these longer videos in the monthly, I am just going to do them separate.


  • Splintorious
    Splintorious  a years ago +175

    I just came here to hear Bruce yell “Do you CHALLENGE ME?!?”
    I was not disappointed

  • Kjata316
    Kjata316  a years ago +42

    Adam accidentally showing his card remains me of Drunk Mario Maker “here’s a quick trick-“ immediately dies “oh never mind”

  • Will Becker
    Will Becker  a years ago +46

    I love the face James makes when he says, "This is exactly the position I wish to be in."

  • Average Audience
    Average Audience  a years ago +23


  • Porkchop Sandwiches
    Porkchop Sandwiches  a years ago +36


  • ExtinctSilence
    ExtinctSilence  a years ago +10

    The Bruce edit with his hand at 3:27 kills me

  • Chocolate Moose
    Chocolate Moose  a years ago +24

    I really dig this new series, but any game they play without Bruce feels like it’s missing something. More of this series and more confused, angry Autumn’s dad.
    4:47 is too damn good

  • Scott Laban
    Scott Laban  a years ago +10

    Did anyone EVER lie during that game?

  • im_livegolf
    im_livegolf  a years ago +10

    I challenge thee!!

  • sheadong
    sheadong  a years ago +8

    This is excellent! I love the normal show but the condensed funny bits compilation makes it even better! Cheers cap'n

  • Ethan Souls
    Ethan Souls  a years ago +22

    Thanks for this, actually made me realize that show may be funny

  • Fred Rainey
    Fred Rainey  a years ago +14

    Adam's smile

  • Jordan West
    Jordan West  a years ago +4

    If you're eating regularly at Chipotle, having three dukes in a row is pretty common.

  • A1K4PWN3D
    A1K4PWN3D  a years ago +4


  • All_Cam
    All_Cam  a years ago +3

    I read the title as Demo-Crazy

  • Zandalf the blue
    Zandalf the blue  9 months ago

    6:42 one of the funniest/greatest moments in board game history

  • Stephen Quinn
    Stephen Quinn  a years ago

    6:42 - 6:52 is my favourite ten seconds in Funhaus history. Love this highlight video
    and all your Funhaus compilations!

  • Living TombstoneZ
    Living TombstoneZ  a years ago +1


  • LMVStudios
    LMVStudios  a years ago +1


  • Tim Othy
    Tim Othy  a years ago +1

    the way he says you do