Why Factorio is so Addictive (Game Design)

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 26, 2018
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  • Patch Quest
    Patch Quest  5 months ago +100

    Wow, I can't believe this video has passed 100k views! I'd never really thought one of my videos would be so well received.
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  • Film Film
    Film Film  yesterday

    Wait until you play Satisfactory...

  • Ivailo Stoychev
    Ivailo Stoychev  yesterday +2

    Me before playing game: Oh this looks cool
    Me after playing game: WE NEED MORE IRON PLATES GODDAMMIT

  • Johannes
    Johannes  3 days ago

    "Uniqueness of your own playthrough" ..... 90% of my base is other people's mathematically efficient designs with no creativity in mind :b

  • tyty8484
    tyty8484  3 days ago

    Inb4 "Blame!"

  • Yamete kudasai sensei

    what about industrialcraft and all kind of automation mods of minecraft¿? xD factorio 3d

  • EclipseTragg
    EclipseTragg  4 days ago

    i have like 200 hours in factorio and had no idea the goal was to build a rocket lol

  • xseif gamer
    xseif gamer  5 days ago +1

    This is the only game that makes you want to do stuff yourself instead of downloading blueprints , for example I'm a noob to this game , I was tired of placing coal inside my furnaces to smelt iron , so I made a blueprint that fully automates iron/copper , even furnaces will get filled up with coal easily , I felt successful when I made this blueprint since it was my first ever blueprint

  • sharo moini
    sharo moini  7 days ago

    How much Adderall do you have to do for this base?

    FORS4TAN  7 days ago

    You don't imagine... having a high end pc to get stuck with a game like factorio.

  • Pog
    Pog  14 days ago

    I found a mobile & steam game called minedustry thats pretty similar, less complex in some ways but it forces you to abandon your factory to claim your rescources to unlock new techs, like upgraded conveyors and steam generators

  • F. Reiff
    F. Reiff  14 days ago

    Rails missed :D

  • creator Space
    creator Space  14 days ago

    That's a good one.

  • Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito
    Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito  14 days ago +1

    The answer to the title: because you're greed. If you became some entrepreneur or a CEO of a company, you probably will be a greedy capitalist guy.

    Luckily you are not. Better unleash your lust in the game than in the real life.

  • S S
    S S  14 days ago

    RIM World is more interesting

  • cryptearth
    cryptearth  21 days ago

    wow - I'm a year late - so I'll try to assume what's already happened in the past
    as you mentioned a compare to Minecraft or Lego (wich I think a pretty good) one have to differentiate between the plain old vanilla stuff and what additions made with them - wich both applies to Lego as well as to Minecraft
    when you look at both Lego and Minecraft vanilla - Minecraft pretty much is just a digital version of Lego: you build your own world with small building blocks
    but when you look at additions like Lego Technic, or, as a good comparison, technic-based/-themed mod(ification)s of Minecraft one can get pretty close to the base you like about Factorio: you can build your factory wich takes some input resources and produce a desired output
    also, with the right mods, one can also automate pretty much anything - wich can be done in two ways (one of wich I personal miss in Factorio): always automatic production, just like a Factorio factory until final output storage fills up - or, wich I like more: production on demand (wich, at least as far as I know current versions of Factorio, isn't a thing) - so, you only store the base resources and the automatic production (crafting) actually happens only after you requested the final resulting output
    just as an example: one can setup a huge power plant wich then supplies the resource gathering as well as the acutal factory or the transport of items up to automatic building of additional stuff - in addition to that, one can also add space stuff so your mentioned goal of fire a rocket up into space can be accomplished as well
    also, there're some new games out there wich are like mixes between Factorio and Minecraft, like Satisfactory or the very new Automation Empire
    but as with almost anything in life: it all comes down to personal preference

  • Matteo Caforio
    Matteo Caforio  21 days ago

    Your factory is shit and you are doing everything wrong

  • Lurkens Kanal
    Lurkens Kanal  21 days ago +1

    got bored of this game from watching gameplay for 30 sec

  • 100Darkspine
    100Darkspine  21 days ago

    Factorio reminds me of; similarly to your point of Minecraft, Modded Minecraft. Stuff like Tekkit
    The factories need a bit more involvement and more active implementation of materials most of the time. But technology mods are VERY fun to use in Minecraft

  • Mat whome
    Mat whome  21 days ago

    jack frags? so sound like him