How to Start a Speech

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2012
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  • Success Network
    Success Network  a years ago +1318

    Really love the advice in this video!

  • Matthew Wynia
    Matthew Wynia  16 minutes ago

  • Bevon 2023
    Bevon 2023  an hour ago

    I need this

  • Richard Winter
    Richard Winter  an hour ago

    B o o o r i ng !

  • Brittney Harper Sprouse

    I love this! This was a great tip and topic in my opinion and I believe I have learned a lot! Thank you Mr. Neil!!

  • Justin Hollohead
    Justin Hollohead  5 hours ago

    What a con artist you are. Your taking hoaxed events and using reversed speech to fit a narrative that doesn't even exist.

  • Abdullah Anique
    Abdullah Anique  5 hours ago

    A beheaded cockroach can live for 3 days and will only die out of hunger

  • Francelee Paris
    Francelee Paris  5 hours ago

    How to start a speech.... yep bore everybody by telling them how not to start a speech... sheer waste of time..🤔🧐

  • gilesdhamilton
    gilesdhamilton  9 hours ago

    Making a false statement- which the audience, knowing more than you, knows to be false - and then following this up with the statement “the fact is true” is the quickest way to alienate an audience. They will disregard your message, ignore your speech and lower their estimate of your whole organisation for selecting you as the best they could offer. What a waste.

  • Thomas B. Schönmetz

    simply great

    BETTERWORLD SGT0589  12 hours ago

    Who's this Bald Prick?

  • Basheer Musa
    Basheer Musa  15 hours ago

    What are types of political speeches ? Thank in advance

  • Sms Sms
    Sms Sms  20 hours ago

    3. Start with a question
    2. Start with a shocking fact
    1. Start with an anecdote.

  • Jon Greenbaum
    Jon Greenbaum  yesterday

    Geez, want to undercut your credibility immediately? Say something that is demonstrably false and insist it is a fact.

  • Krimson
    Krimson  yesterday

    Who else is here for their English speaking and listening?

  • Mir Khan
    Mir Khan  yesterday

    You need to check your body language, you scratch your nose most of the time which has some meanings in body language!!!!!!! You need to work on it consciously.

  • Tom Harris
    Tom Harris  yesterday

    My TM speech about my discovery that I CAN learn to sing, even at 66:

  • peter allison
    peter allison  yesterday

    Trump !! Start with: I am God,so many believe him. Ba Ba Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Tim Heasman
    Tim Heasman  yesterday

    Lost interest very rapidly

  • László Márai

    2nd best option is starting your speech with a shocking factoid: "there are more people alive today that have ever died" - that happens to be wrong. Indeed about 12 times as many people have died so far (100 billion) than that are alive today. ;) (Of course you can make this into a shocking factoid too and otherwise the talk is nice.)