Juicy Chicken Breast - You Suck at Cooking (episode 65)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017
  • The key to making a juicy chicken breast is to not use powdered chicken. The trick is to use dry chicken, then dunk it in water. Mmmm.

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  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig  yesterday

    A cooking channel for straight wifeless dudes with a sense of humor

  • Assel Toleubay
    Assel Toleubay  yesterday

    I love his pepper pepper pepper

  • Chen Jin
    Chen Jin  2 days ago

    0:50 ant

  • Bubble Bass
    Bubble Bass  3 days ago +2

    Really disappointed that when he tossed the second chicken breast up an egg didn't come down instead, so that we could debate wether the chicken or the egg came first

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person  5 days ago

    Why do I always have a stroke watching these? "Next, put that in the onion" he says as putting it in the oven lmao

  • Flaming Firo
    Flaming Firo  5 days ago

    What does he mean by Chang jangle that around

  • Moonie_ Mon
    Moonie_ Mon  6 days ago

    i cant breathe- turpentine 💀💀

  • Sycop
    Sycop  6 days ago


  • [it's andy]
    [it's andy]  7 days ago


    Grammy award winning material.

  • Alphonse Reitz
    Alphonse Reitz  7 days ago

    That chicken reminds me of my wife.

    But i did also learn a good thing.

  • Kd0GG24 4
    Kd0GG24 4  7 days ago

    Cooking for white people

  • Rayo_05
    Rayo_05  7 days ago +1

    Only you can make chicken juice

  • Edgar Patlan
    Edgar Patlan  7 days ago

    I damn near chocked on my cereal at the juicy bit.

    God damn

  • v҉h҉s҉
    v҉h҉s҉  7 days ago

    How do people manage to cook chicken and make it look almost white

  • Strange Jono
    Strange Jono  7 days ago

    Who the hell watches these videos and leaves a dislike?

  • Not Justin Y.
    Not Justin Y.  7 days ago

    Instructions Not clear enough,hand got stuck in blender

  • David Fluffy Jr
    David Fluffy Jr  7 days ago +1

    The power stone part actually made me cackle

  • Evelinda Tingson
    Evelinda Tingson  7 days ago


    -joeys world tour

  • Srinjoy Bhattacharjee

    When binging with babish and how to basic had a baby

  • Craftmanemane amen

    J U I C Y