Kyrie Irving's BEST PLAY from Every Game | Boston Celtics 2017-2018

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • Kyrie Irving is having an outstanding season in debut Celtic season. Irving is averaging 24.9 points and 5.1 assists while leading the Celtics to a 44-19 record. Before the Celtics host the Houston Rockets, check out Kyrie Irving's Best Play from Every Game this season so far!Subscribe to the NBA: news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at NBA LEAGUE PASS:


  • The Avatar
    The Avatar  a years ago +760

    One of the most entertaining players in the league

  • Mathew
    Mathew  a years ago +594

    Is it me or does kyrie have an memorable moment each and every game?!

  • Taha B. ER
    Taha B. ER  a years ago +251

    ı think kyrie is underrated. He should be in MVP conversetion

  • fahad salama
    fahad salama  a years ago +390

    Kyrie will entertain you for three quarters, then kill the game at the forth.

    CHANKO  a years ago +198

    Not even in his prime yet...dude's gonna take over

  • kim s.h :
    kim s.h :  a years ago +322

    Very suited on celtics jersey..

  • Don A
    Don A  a years ago +126

    Celtics would've won the Championship with Kyrie and Hayward.

  • 800 Baby
    800 Baby  a years ago +528

    Kyire Swerving

  • Darrell Blake
    Darrell Blake  a years ago +103

    The best PG & ball handler in the World!

  • David Matsunaga
    David Matsunaga  a years ago +58

    Id take Kyrie Over Iverson.
    Yes Iverson is the Icon of crossover, but Kyrie is more efficient in FG%

  • Parzival knowledge
    Parzival knowledge  a years ago +117

    kyrie the only player in NBA that is not ARROGANT

  • Sebastian Pereyda
    Sebastian Pereyda  a years ago +47

    some of those fade away smothered shots are the only shots kobe can make kyrie=mamba mentality🐐🐐

  • Nicole Golden
    Nicole Golden  a years ago +305

    best point in the league #MVP

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James  a years ago +41

    Kyrie irving
    Kyrie spinning
    Kyrie swerving
    Kyrie Leaving

  • ecnarongi
    ecnarongi  a years ago +26

    What everyone fails to mention is that Kyrie has 0 fear of big men when going to the hole. That makes him unlike any small guy ever.

  • C//K
    C//K  a years ago +370

    Better than Curry #FAX

  • Hawks 13
    Hawks 13  a years ago +48

    The whole Lakers team got schooled

  • Fardin Khan
    Fardin Khan  a years ago +18

    Mamba Mentality with better handles and more versatile finishers

    PINAS NEWS UPDATE  a years ago +14

    It was like Jamal's hands & Kobe's footwork in one body. Diz iz d real deal, right here! Kyrie SWErving u got the best handles of all time bruh! PERIOD

  • D Y
    D Y  a years ago +20

    Kyrie is a magical unicorn