[B2B] Samsung LED Signage : The story behind the Largest in Korea

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 26, 2018
  • Samsung Electronics installed the largest ‘SMART LED Signage’ in Seoul, Korea, on the outer wall of the SM Town building of COEX.
    To learn more : http://spr.ly/6058DVf3j


  • Saikar Nama
    Saikar Nama  a years ago

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  • ShadowLoleris
    ShadowLoleris  a years ago


  • Ricky Bravo
    Ricky Bravo  a years ago

    All the top comments sound like they where written by bots😂

  • tom11zz884
    tom11zz884  a years ago

    And still no perfect Blacks....

  • kinotekaHD
    kinotekaHD  a years ago

    I see the money is tight :D Great work.

  • marax
    marax  a years ago

    been on apple for 3 years , then samsung 7 years , and finnaly i tried pixel 2 xl , until samsung makes next google pixel phone no returning back. pixel is much more fluid , you wont believe until you try it , i didnt also :) i switched ony because software btw , samsung has great harware

  • Trades46
    Trades46  a years ago

    The thing is; the building used to host this is probably owned by Samsung. The steel used to hold it up? Probably from a Samsung owned subsidiary. The semi-conductors & IC boards used to build the screen? Samsung. Those construction cranes? Samsung. The LED screen? What do you think?

    Kind of crazy now you think about it.

  • Yaris Munandar
    Yaris Munandar  a years ago +2

    I pround of you Samsung
    and I love SMTOWN

  • Rhymes
    Rhymes  a years ago

    i just want an a5 2016 :))it's my love..i will get one anyway gg samsung nice

  • to tosh
    to tosh  a years ago

    I need to do this in my house...

  • Once Is life
    Once Is life  a years ago +1

    I hope samsung changes their logo because I don’t like it,I like the apple logo way better so I hope they would change it cause the logo is too simple for moi :)

    Again,Don’t make fun of apple or samsung.It’s really mean to make fun of outer interest.

  • kwibalda lol
    kwibalda lol  a years ago


  • Il Super Bomber
    Il Super Bomber  a years ago

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  • Slipknot3eb
    Slipknot3eb  a years ago

    That's what I call Samsung!

  • Rashid Hussain
    Rashid Hussain  a years ago

    holaaaa... itna bra mobile

  • شوني هظا الايام

    make it in jorden

  • John panha
    John panha  a years ago

    wow it's show amazing...!

  • Zean Masry
    Zean Masry  a years ago

    I hope
    I was Korean
    Because of you
    South of course

  • Alvaro Mady
    Alvaro Mady  a years ago

    It Samsung

  • SoCalFreelance
    SoCalFreelance  a years ago

    Stunning, well done!