"Tharshan Losliya voda urravu.."- Fathima Reveals Real Faces of Bigg Boss Contestants

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
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    Here is the Exclusive Interview of Fathima Babu. She shares unknown Secrets about Bigg Boss 3 Contestants. To know more watch the full video.

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  • BehindwoodsTV
    BehindwoodsTV  3 months ago +17

    Subscribe - http://goo.gl/AUJGvP We will work harder to generate better content. Thank you for your support.

  • jaya s Menon
    jaya s Menon  23 hours ago

    Very true cheran nde behavior sheriyala losliya kitte

  • You Tube
    You Tube  3 days ago

    KaviLiya only. You calculation was very short period. So it was wrong, i guess u understood now. Who is Kavin and how he cares for Losliya. That romantic guy for Losliya is one and only Kavin. They made for each other.

  • Mahalingam meena
    Mahalingam meena  3 days ago

    That's true

  • Gokul Rks
    Gokul Rks  3 days ago

    Wild card ella illa ya losliyavukku kavinu first mudivadichi

  • kala maria
    kala maria  3 days ago

    Losliya is very cunning and big fruad....and a great actor in BB....
    Thank God towards end people came to know who she is by not voting her...,

    It’s unfortunate m’am you have got wrong perspective of Losliya, she loves to be only with boys and have fun.....

  • Sumathy Caiser
    Sumathy Caiser  4 days ago +1

    Finally, she fell for that same Kavin.... The same guy whom she said was not her kind....!! Maybe Kavin wilfully made her fall for him... & made her feel defeated...you were wrong.... About who won the title... It's Mugen Rao..

  • nirmala Devi
    nirmala Devi  6 days ago

    நீங்கள்உள்ள தர்சனுக்கு கட்டிபிடித்து முத்தம் கொடுத்தது எதற்கு? மகன் என்று சொல்லி நடித்தது எதற்காக. சேரன் சார் லாஸிடம் போகவில்லை.லாஸ்தான் முதலில் வந்து அப்பானு சொன்னா.பாத்திமா மேடம் நீங்க திரும்ப உள்ளபோய் நல்லாவே முகென்னையும் நீங்க செய்தால் பாசம் மத்தவங்க வேஷம்

  • Leela Chelliah
    Leela Chelliah  6 days ago

    .paneer butter massla

  • sathya venthan
    sathya venthan  7 days ago +1

    Enga evalo kevalama contestants pesitu grand finale elorkitaium nala pesura fathima nenga dan fake

  • Nero Vara
    Nero Vara  7 days ago


  • Mayavan V
    Mayavan V  7 days ago

    losliya real bich

  • Sathya Shiva
    Sathya Shiva  7 days ago

    Her analysis on Losliya is totally wrong..she is the one who broke Sakshi Kavin relationship & went behind him..Sherin little girl la..semma comedy..she was a heroine when I was in school..she is an aunty..flirting with Tharshan just to show her young

  • sɛҡaʀ ċɦɛʟʟɨʏa

    Courageous women

  • Karthikeyan B
    Karthikeyan B  14 days ago

    Fake bb..there is no chance for darshan come in lowest vote....how losliya is still inside BB house...full Vijay TV pllanning....voting is waste....one tamilian..one srinlankan...karnatika..and a malesian in the finals....here after I wont watch Vijay TV BB ....

  • balaji natrajan
    balaji natrajan  a months ago

    Good accent and consistent talk

  • padhu vishnu
    padhu vishnu  a months ago

    Correct aa sonninga cheran pathi

  • siva saveria
    siva saveria  a months ago

    Plz intrvw again with fathima mam, based on crt situation

  • Sasi Kumar
    Sasi Kumar  a months ago

    cherapaya innamum losliya va thadavikitu dhaa irukan

  • Jeyanthi Murali
    Jeyanthi Murali  a months ago

    Very good ansar mam