This Old Man Had The Best Response After Being Approached By A Girl At The Bar

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • This Old Man Had The Best Response After Being Approached By A Girl At The Bar

    A 71-year-old man is having a drink in a chicago bar. Suddenly a gorgeous 19-year-old girl enters and sits down a few seats away.
    The girl is so attractive that he just can not take his eyes off her. After a short while the girl notices him staring, and approached him.
    Before the man has time to apologize, the girl looks him deep in the eyes and says to him in a sultry tone:
    “I will do anything you would like. Anything you can imagine in your wildest dreams, it does not matter how extreme or unusual it is, I’m game. I want 100 dollars, and there’s another condition”.
    Completely stunned by the sudden turn of events, the man asks her what her condition is.
    “You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words.”
    The man takes a moment to consider the offer from the beautiful woman. He then whips out his wallet and puts 10 ten-dollar bills in her
    outstretched hand.
    He then looks her square in the eye, and says slowly and clearly: “Paint my house.

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  • Richard Sutton  (Aug 10, 2018))

    🤣🤣🤣👍 went to a restaurant with my dad and he ask the waitress where she was all his life ? She said I haven’t been alive all your life.🤣🤣🤣

  • isabella josephine  (Nov 25, 2018))

    omg 😅😅

  • Alice Willoughby  (Oct 2, 2018))

    Richard Sutton, *BURN!*

  • james owens  (Aug 9, 2018))

    what is a 19 year old doing in a bar?

  • temporarysanity  (Dec 1, 2018))

    It's a joke idiot.

  • David Allen  (Nov 21, 2018))

    Are you serious? Your obviously not from the UK.

  • Larry Watkins  (Aug 12, 2018))

    Cop asks me "where were you between 5 & 6? I replied "Kindergarten".

  • xmchillin  (Nov 6, 2018))

    Thinking the same thing...I'll get some mileage out of several of these comments!!

  • A LEPTA  (Nov 4, 2018))

    I hope I get a chance to use that someday

  • That Man  (Aug 9, 2018))

    That's it..? Smh they need to chill with these titles

  • Michael Cheng  (Aug 10, 2018))

    it's called clickbait

  • ohgary  (Aug 17, 2018))

    There Is another part: the old man hands her a gallon of paint and. Tells her to start on the porch. Then he goes to take a nap. When he comes back outside she says, hey mister. That wasn't a Porche, it was a Lexus.

  • SuperDiver57  (Nov 8, 2018))


  • D NC  (Nov 6, 2018))

    That was a good one

  • lina Luna  (Aug 9, 2018))

    omg it's Erza and Juvia

  • Natsu Dragneel  (Nov 6, 2018))

    +Daddy Gaius shit like yo mama if this two were in front of you you would have prayed to god they hadn't heard this now go to sleep stupid maddafucker

  • L. Smith  (Aug 24, 2018))

    Hell, if it was those two wouldn't you stare?

  • Matt B  (Aug 13, 2018))

    Lol that was a good one. Dont know why ppl have to dissect everything. She to young to be an bar wtf just laugh. Supposed to be funny. Dont take everything so serious.

  • Laurine Lessor  (Nov 5, 2018))

    Just have to be 19 in Canada

  • DONALD SHAUN LOTHIRATH  (Nov 5, 2018))

    Matt B yeah it is funny though and I though she was going to ask him for sex but end up telling her to go paint his house instead that was a hood one

  • Alfred Ramirez  (Aug 10, 2018))

    "Paint my house",,,,,,,,as long as I can sit on my lawn and WATCH🌋

  • zurdo z  (Aug 9, 2018))

    haha! she was thinking sex and the man was thinking remodeling!

  • Zack L.  (Nov 5, 2018))

    Being a hooker is way easier than a painter.

  • Todd Biesel  (Oct 12, 2018))

    zurdo z "Thank you, Ted, that was the joke."

  • Susan Carter  (Aug 9, 2018))

    Yeah, he could never, ever get his house painted for a hundred bucks. He wanted that more.👍🏽😊

  • Xx Pipe- Dream Yy  (Nov 8, 2018))

    Andrew Adams I’m obviously missing something here

  • Andrew Adams  (Nov 8, 2018))

    Susan Car