The Hype of Into The Spider-Verse



  • Michael Garner
    Michael Garner  5 hours ago

    Great video. Also the Jordans in original advertising made my hype hard for this movie

  • Ayden Chan
    Ayden Chan  15 hours ago

    Pause at 4:28
    Got u

  • Lucas Oliveira Francisco

    When peter Benjamin parker got into miles' universe his spider pants desintegraded

  • Carlos Pitteri
    Carlos Pitteri  2 days ago

    Yeah this one is definitely one of the best Spiderman movie, gotta rewatch the original trilogy to rank them properly tho since it's been a while I watched them

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres  2 days ago

    homecoming is still number 1.
    it is a weird thing to say but the soundtrack was one of the worst I ever had to endure, while the score was good, especially during the action scenes.
    btw this video must set a new record for easter eggs. good stuff sir

  • Madchickenbutt
    Madchickenbutt  3 days ago +1

    He stole that guys pizza!

  • Graham Haggerty
    Graham Haggerty  3 days ago

    Musical references: 3?

  • Kusanagikaiser999
    Kusanagikaiser999  3 days ago +1

    For me Spiderman 2 was the best Spidey film a masterpiece that never would be beat...........UNTIL NOW, sorry but there is no contest, Spider-Verse beat it finally, I never enjoy so much watch Spiderman in a film like with this film, already watch it 3 times and looking to see it again.....and FU Andrew Garfield movies weren't great but they arent garbage as many claim.

  • Nicole Glazer
    Nicole Glazer  3 days ago

    Not gonna lie. I watch your stuff so I don’t have to watch the full movies. 😂 Going to pause this and go watch the spider-verse movie.
    Also gotta side with Silent Bob on this one. Toby was a good Peter Parker, but he didn’t fit the Spider-Man from my childhood. Too old, too serious and not quippy enough for my tastes. Almost felt like they were channeling Batman. 🤷‍♀️

  • Julius
    Julius  4 days ago

    He referenced famous Dave’s I’m subscribing

  • jungshookio Growtopia

    aw man
    I loved homecoming

  • Gtx 1080
    Gtx 1080  4 days ago

    Too think this is made by emoji movie guys

  • TaLoN BoI
    TaLoN BoI  4 days ago

    10 out of fucking 10

  • Brent Razz
    Brent Razz  4 days ago

    I do like spider Man 2 is very good. 😂

  • Masum Hasan
    Masum Hasan  4 days ago

    Better than Spiderman 2.

  • SuPeRioR Kid
    SuPeRioR Kid  4 days ago


  • Syerra Noelle
    Syerra Noelle  5 days ago

    Still cant believe that the same people that made the emoji movie made one of the greatest spider man movies. 😱 🤯

  • Sergei Glinka
    Sergei Glinka  5 days ago

    That king pin guy was wide as hell

  • David McCollum
    David McCollum  5 days ago

    Its fire

  • deadeye 78
    deadeye 78  5 days ago

    You know not to to say it’s horrible but I like it but I still think DC animations are still better