Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • Food in video games has seen a renaissance in the past few years, with vittles playing a pivotal role in your mere survival as a character. Rockstar games inches ever-closer to real life in video game form with Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can buy, hunt, cook, steal, and eat your nutritional requirements every day. You never seem to need to go to the bathroom though...

    Special thanks to Justin Bailey, a wilderness expert without whom this episode would not have been possible! Go check out his Instagram:

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  • Abanu Strickland  (Nov 6, 2018))

    Didnt slam the bowl and fork on the ground after eating dislike.

  • Rubric Marine  (2 days ago))

    He also didn’t take two spoon fulls of the stew and then just drink it all meat chunks and all down without even taking a break midway

  • Spiral Jumper  (6 days ago))

    Andrew Amende Sup kit is backpacker slang for your meal stuff. Is this your thing? You just go around presumptuously correcting spelling on old ass comments?

  • Mr. Irish Cat  (Apr 14, 2019))

    I was legitimately sad when he stopped making his Arthur voice

  • DarkPandaLord  (3 days ago))

    +Mr. Irish Cat, in my opinion I'm happy he returned to his old voice. I'm heavily used to his regular voice, and the Arthur voice was distracting.

  • Madison Falco  (3 days ago))

    He’s really good at it!

  • Johnny Pearseed  (Mar 17, 2019))

    Imagine you're in the woods and you random see Babish in full cowboy getup making stew over a fire

  • A Andrew  (1 hour ago))

    +Nathan Witus lmao

  • Dark Fragment  (1 day ago))

    Would sit by the fire with my bowl amd smile with puppy dog eyes

  • Jaren Draws  (Mar 23, 2019))

    Every wildlife organization: save the bears Binging with babish: uh

  • Ace Clover  (17 hours ago))

    MingusDingus Good for you, people need to stop harassing and bullying people because they had a difficult childhood.

  • MingusDingus  (17 hours ago))

    +Nathan Witus R/woooshJk I'm not that fucking cockhead that says r/wooosh at literally everything you explain.

  • Shadow Reconnaissance  (Feb 1, 2019))

    Dutch oven?More like Dutch Van Der Oven.

  • Dutch Van Der Lind  (2 days ago))

    Taha Killer. Yes but WE NEED MORE MONEY!

  • Taha Killer  (2 days ago))

    Is the plan to go to tahiti wnd harvest mangoes, Dutch?

  • Malloy  (Nov 19, 2018))

    You would have really sold it if you really got Tuberculosis

  • Watchdog 9000- Gaming  (9 hours ago))

    Or lumbago

  • John Marston  (3 days ago))

    Tuber culosis

  • GeneralShowHD  (Dec 11, 2018))

    Might get flak but this over white rice would be amazing

  • DarkPandaLord  (5 days ago))

    +GeneralShowHD, I'm sorry, you can't have fatty meat or curry-like dishes without rice or something else like mashed potatoes or macaroni or something, they're just made to be.

  • Kujo Jotaro Everything isn’t better with race but everything is better with rice

  • Joshua Seagondollar  (Feb 25, 2019))

    Okay, it's official.We need a Gaming with Babish series. Pronto.

  • Mank Deems  (2 days ago))

    That Dutch oven really did have a plan.

  • dylan w  (Apr 15, 2019))

    Dude, this is one of my favorite videos of all time. Starting now, and ending never.