Ascend Tour Episode 2: Road to the Garden

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 21, 2019
  • Playing Madison Square Garden started as a crazy idea, turned into one of my biggest goals, and when it became real, so many of you came out to share that moment with us. I’m unbelievably grateful to my team, from everyone involved who’s made the show happen, my family, my best friends who I got to share this iconic stage with, and to every single fan who’s come out to any of my shows, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. I hope it was as special for you all as it was for me.

    Video by Nainoa Langer

    The Ascend Tour can be seen all through North America from September through December 2019

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  • Emily Dunlap
    Emily Dunlap  yesterday

    See you in Houston on Sundaaaaay 🥰

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith  4 days ago

    YOU GUYS ARE MY FIRST CONCERT EVER AND YOU GUYS KILLED IT! Dabin thus as well did amaaazinnngg job! Said the sky touched are jackets are purpose trying to figure out how to get back stage.😭 You guys are amazing! YOULL DEFINITELY WILL beat the King someday of EDM!

  • DJ Untitl3d
    DJ Untitl3d  5 days ago

    This is some AMAZING editing

  • Onyx
    Onyx  7 days ago

    Red rocks episode now pls

  • Jackson Costello
    Jackson Costello  7 days ago

    What. A. Show.

  • Intro Nation
    Intro Nation  7 days ago +1

    DUDE those vibes!!

  • warmishlizard
    warmishlizard  7 days ago

    Where's that dialogue sample from

  • IAmTheAg
    IAmTheAg  14 days ago

    All i remember from the MSG show is that you guys cut off adventure club at the drop to crave you, qq

  • Ivan
    Ivan  14 days ago


  • Stan Wang
    Stan Wang  14 days ago

    I've never been to an Illenium show in my life. I haven't really been to any shows lately. I've only attended the ones that are local to me. However, this video, itself, felt so amazing and I can feel the vibes and emotions throughout this and I loved every single bit of it. I actually cried at the end of the video, I felt really happy and seeing how this accomplishment was put in. One day, I will be glad to see your show, and I will bawl my eyes out. Forever in my heart, Illenium. This was amazing. Thank you for reading.

    ZEDEKI  14 days ago


    DHRUV MAHAR  14 days ago

    Name of song at 2:14 plzzzz

    ADRA ALJEWAD  14 days ago

    I wanna cry

  • Nohemi Vela
    Nohemi Vela  14 days ago

    Why do we have to be 18 yrs and older to go to his concerts?!! I’m dying to go and ready to pay for my ticket and got super disappointed I had to be 18 or older😢 his music has been with me for so long it would have made my year to go...

  • Marcus Dye
    Marcus Dye  14 days ago

    can someone tell me where that robin williams quote is from?

  • Fernando Estrada
    Fernando Estrada  14 days ago


  • nick cap
    nick cap  14 days ago

    Greatest. Show. Ever

  • default named
    default named  14 days ago

    It's absolutely awesome! Thank you guys for that magic that you are doing to us! Will be waiting for your visit in Russia with a big tour in some cities 😉😌 that would be such a surprise for me and I don't want to miss it)

  • goh bing hui
    goh bing hui  14 days ago

    Upload the full set please!!!! 🙏🙏🙏 It's too amazing to be missing on YouTube!!!

  • Yung sugMaDeek
    Yung sugMaDeek  14 days ago

    Masterclass please!!