KSI vs. Logan Paul [Official Fight Trailer #1]



  • KSIvsLogan
    KSIvsLogan  2 months ago +4304

    To attend the Biggest Internet Event In History, buy tickets here... http://bit.ly/KSILoganTickets

    • Mario and freddy Island
      Mario and freddy Island  10 days ago

      I watched the fight I can’t believe it was a draw

    • victor production
      victor production  1 months ago

      I don’t like doing this, but I did an 3D animation about the fight in blender on my channel. It took me a lot of time. I’m not saying you should check it out but it would mean a lot to a small youtuber like me.

    • Viseth Vichear
      Viseth Vichear  1 months ago

      KSIvsLogan lol

    • I’m_Dank_Don’t_Judge
      I’m_Dank_Don’t_Judge  1 months ago

      P L A Y H O I 4 A R T I L L E R Y O N L Y

    • daz n
      daz n  1 months ago


  • Tom Syrovatko
    Tom Syrovatko  8 hours ago

    Ohh btw it was a draw

    MR JAVELIN  yesterday


  • Unexpected Theory
    Unexpected Theory  3 days ago +1

    T Series vs Felix ?
    Like -T Series is better
    Comment - Pewdiepie is better

  • Shayan Siddiqui
    Shayan Siddiqui  3 days ago

    1:40 is that boxing training or lumberjack training?

  • Hypebeast Xxx
    Hypebeast Xxx  4 days ago +1

    Who is here after khabib and Conor fought??

  • Michaelson Family

    I teared up as I watched the fight..... tightening my fists as hard as I could, wondering: Will Logan..... WIN?
    As soon as heard it was a draw, and i saw the look on both of their faces, i was relieved.
    After watching this I realized..... how.... IMPORTANT this was. How lucky I was to witness what had happened. I'm sure YOU, yes I mean YOU, felt exactly how I felt, or at least......... something SIMILAR. I can't wait for the rematch, and to feel, being excited.... joyful...... and SCARED.
    I tear up thinking of logan, hoping someday I'll be able to see him, face to face, but considering I'm still just a child, knowing there's just a 1% chance this dream will come true, i WILL NOT GIVE UP!!
    I teared up creating this speech. And if u watch logans channel, look out for my wonderful speeches, sometimes inspiring, sometimes sad, happy, maybe even relaxing. But u might be thinking, she's a kid.... she needs to quit daydreaming.... she needs to STOP all of this.
    Well, u wanna know what I say to That? Shut it. If u have a dream, follow it. Dont give up, even through bullies, disincouraging people and more, do not give up on your wonderful dream, or you'll forget after a while. Then throughout ur whole life, you'll feel, there's something..... missing. There's a deep empty hole of shame.
    So I say...... dont give up. :) ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  • HK Gaming
    HK Gaming  6 days ago

    Anybody overhere after
    Coner vs Khabib

  • Erkz
    Erkz  8 days ago


  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee  8 days ago

    Anybody here in September?

  • unknown tube
    unknown tube  9 days ago +1

    May I please know what is the music name used in the trailer

  • R L
    R L  9 days ago +1

    If there was a movie of this fight this should be the epic trailer!
    Next fight: Simon vs Calfreezy
    Duos: Josh and Harry vs RaccaRacca
    After fight: Vikstar vs Ricegum
    Like if agree! :)
    *Sideman vs Team 10*

  • Abdulrahman’s channel


  • TheOneGuyGamer
    TheOneGuyGamer  11 days ago +4

    Doesn’t the intro have same theme as infinity war

    • TheOneGuyGamer
      TheOneGuyGamer  9 days ago

      +Foofiecake thanks for letting me know 👍

    • Foofiecake
      Foofiecake  9 days ago

      one is redshift and the other is called protect and defend

    • Foofiecake
      Foofiecake  9 days ago

      Yes, the first song and last are both from the album Volturnus from Audiomachine

  • Adam Selleck
    Adam Selleck  13 days ago

    so many views

  • Umut Kazım Mersin
    Umut Kazım Mersin  14 days ago +1

    Cool story bro

  • Thomas Kraus
    Thomas Kraus  15 days ago

    I pitty pple who payed for this fight.

    FART ASS  17 days ago


  • Legitskill _________
    Legitskill _________  17 days ago +2

    The trailer even got more views than the actual fight

  • Animaniacs !!!
    Animaniacs !!!  20 days ago +3

    One belt for one internet champion (draw) 😤😤😤😤😤