iOS 13 announcement in 10 minutes

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 3, 2019
  • As expected, at WWDC 2109 Apple announced the newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 13. The big updates are Dark Mode, better performance, more advanced Maps, and a wide variety of new security features.

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  • Hritik koul
    Hritik koul  7 days ago

    1:30 you gotta be kidding me that feature was in android almost 2 years ago.

  • Banduent
    Banduent  7 days ago

    I swear they don’t even know what there woooowwwing at. 😂

  • X50Cal Barrett
    X50Cal Barrett  14 days ago

    App size seems to be the same as before False advertising 🙄😂

  • Marcelo Oliveira
    Marcelo Oliveira  14 days ago

  • Estrella Aparicio
    Estrella Aparicio  21 days ago

    I hate iOS 13 :(

  • Jt Torres
    Jt Torres  28 days ago +1

    These update fucked up my phone. No cellular data problem. Fucking bullshit apple

  • Omg Backstabber
    Omg Backstabber  28 days ago

    Still going to stay Jailbroken Ios 12

  • Secret man
    Secret man  1 months ago

    I use i phone 6splus but, Sometime it’s control center is not working..
    What is the solution..??

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller  1 months ago

    The biggest iOS update since 10

  • Agent Octopus
    Agent Octopus  1 months ago

    Apple is the best.All smart people say YES,common people say YES.We don’t need cheep,copycat crap Android 🤣

  • Aman Karn
    Aman Karn  1 months ago

    1:31 Apple - S**k my d**k!!
    Audience - WOOOOWWW !!!

  • Dipankar Kumar Singh

    We have copied Android completely ..
    Audience - woooooh !


    And this all drains the battery

  • Awal Skak
    Awal Skak  1 months ago

    Typing with gesture,
    Android: telat lo ngentod

  • Mio Mo
    Mio Mo  1 months ago +1

    Apple: Alright, how about you all go fuck yourselves

    Audience: WOOOOOOO

  • Adith Chandran
    Adith Chandran  1 months ago

    Sometimes my iOS 13.1 become slow and hang

    I don’t why ?😨

  • ravin kasra
    ravin kasra  1 months ago +1

    Updated my iPhone 7 and now is lagging.. thank you apple😒

  • Briggs XIII
    Briggs XIII  1 months ago

    Everything is barely faster:

    Dark mode makes everything so beautiful:
    ....😂 what?

  • Wavy1
    Wavy1  1 months ago +1

    Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave

  • Nickie Ovien
    Nickie Ovien  1 months ago

    Say what you want about it but it’s a good update and now I have the IOS 13.1.2