NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS! (Animal Documentary)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Today Omar went to visit Robbie from the show Swamp Brothers to see if he could help him bring back his rare Luecustic white alligator name Snowball after seeing his shed with 43 reptiles set on fire by someone who has not been caught yet. In this docuseries, omargoshtv not only tries to bring attention to this, but also gives a tour of animal crossings which is filled with many exotic animals like, american alligator, salt water crocodiles, caiman reptiles, monitor lizards, venomous snakes and more...

    If you have any information on this case please call Detective Chris Merritt at 352-793-2621 or Crimeline: 1800423TIPS (8477)
    Robbie's twitter:
    Savannah's youtube channel:
    Help Robbie rebuild!


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  • The Omar Gosh Family
    The Omar Gosh Family  a years ago +786

    I worked really hard putting this video together so we could help bring Snowball home as well as the criminals responsible to justice. Please share this so we can get the word out. Broken hearts depend on it. #bringhomesnowballhome

  • Rosa Munoz
    Rosa Munoz  2 days ago

    I'm am a big animal lover its sad when people are so cold hart

  • Rosa Munoz
    Rosa Munoz  2 days ago

    I know how you feel I lost my dog and 2 horses

  • Magya Yakult
    Magya Yakult  21 days ago

    they have no right to leave in this world

  • Magya Yakult
    Magya Yakult  21 days ago

    like my hacker they are a bad people

  • Sabrina Pohja
    Sabrina Pohja  28 days ago

    I hope that they find the Snowball soon and bring him back to his family.😭😭😭😫 I truly understand Robbies and his family feelings, it's very hard to lose your loved once. (I lost my little babe my, little dog Bella. When she was in a surgery. She was a my little Pekingese. She was my first dog and she was just six years old.😭)

  • Joanne Hamilton
    Joanne Hamilton  a months ago

    I hope u find your gator back prayers to you

  • Trudie Mead
    Trudie Mead  a months ago

    What a heartbreaking video. A wonderful man putting his passion for animals first and teaching people about them and yet there are such people in this world. What has been done this man’s animals is quite simply wicked. I truly hope things are better now and that you manage to find Snowball again. My heart goes out to this special man. 💜

  • Michele Porterfield
    Michele Porterfield  a months ago

    I am watching this a year later. I hope y'all were able to find and get snowball back!!

  • Vicki S
    Vicki S  a months ago

    Omar Gosh, just wanted to know how Robbie and his family are doing when I seen what happened I teared up. Prayers for comfort and support for Robbie.

  • Kenyon Cleveland
    Kenyon Cleveland  a months ago

    Sorry for ur animal

  • Deborah Porterfield
    Deborah Porterfield  2 months ago

    Bobbie is cute love u guys

  • Tru Dat
    Tru Dat  2 months ago

    I’m not necessarily a huge gator fan, but even I think this was a horrific crime against living things! Stealing and killing a person’s pets should definitely get you serious jail time! It’s like kidnapping and murder! Simple as that.

  • cassie hanenberger
    cassie hanenberger  2 months ago

    Was Snowball ever found?
    I'm still new to your channel and love your videos. This video was sad but was also cool to see Robbie's animals.

  • Leroy sosa
    Leroy sosa  2 months ago

    Umar nice video it's an amazing place that guy Robbie you can tell he loves those animals he's passion is just those animals there and the way that he talks to the kids that guy knows the secret of life I hope that they find snowball and hope that you make a video on it and I'm going to share this video all over social media where I could I'm originally from Miami live in Spain and I just seen this now after maybe ten months that you did this video but for sure for sure someway somehow you'll get that alligator back God bless you and your family peace out

  • Ashlyn Haukap
    Ashlyn Haukap  2 months ago

    So sad this happened!! Did he ever get Snowball back?? I know I’m just now seeing this but so sad that someone could be that heartless!!!

  • Rabid Fox89
    Rabid Fox89  2 months ago

    This legit made me cry I couldn’t bear something like this happening to my animals I really hope and pray the people responsible for this are found and locked up forever because no sane human being could do this to innocent creatures

  • Denise Burciaga
    Denise Burciaga  2 months ago


  • Denise Smiles
    Denise Smiles  2 months ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss of your animals, whoever did this are scum sick people who want locking up and the key thrown away> keep up the good work. I hope you get Snowball back. Xxx

  • Jamie Hibbs
    Jamie Hibbs  2 months ago

    I hope they catch those Godforsaken monsters who did that to his animals. And I hope they get Snowball back safely. Many props to Robbie and his family for the work they do. Its so important and people dont even understand. I hope someday we wont need places like Robbie's, simply because we have learned to care for nature the way it cares for us. But until then, we need Robbie and many more like him to help the animals and protect them from human destruction.