Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection スタジオジブリの最高のピアノコレクション、リラックスした音楽

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 2, 2017
  • Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection スタジオジブリの最高のピアノコレクション、リラックスした音楽
    Enjoy the videos. Have a nice day to you all :D
    ビデオをお楽しみください。 皆さんに良い一日を。


  • Relaxing Music
    Relaxing Music  9 months ago +152

    Relaxing music that can help you sleep well. Please watch the video. Thank you very much 😘

  • Izzy Mybissin
    Izzy Mybissin  16 hours ago

    This Monday I had to call the police on my Mum and to be honest it was really traumatizing. In fact, I've probably had the worse week of my life for a lot of reasons, I know most people won't see this, bu the positive vibes from this comment section and others like it has really kept me strong. I wish all of those who are also having bad days or weeks happiness. Remember nothing is forever, not even the worst pain.

  • Eashan Patel
    Eashan Patel  16 hours ago

    love to share a good taste of music with so many people

  • Guillaume Rtk
    Guillaume Rtk  23 hours ago

    Why did they delete the other one with Totoro background in the rain ? 😥

  • Eveline Reyna
    Eveline Reyna  3 days ago

    Hi! I know life might not be easy , same thing for me. But we can get through this together ❤. You got this . stay strong . and live for me . please . we need you here . oh and my dms are always open on tiktok just comment on my yt videos and I'll give it to u. I love you . y o u c a n g e t t h r o u g h t h i s .

  • Minecraft Mika
    Minecraft Mika  3 days ago +2

    Ghibli made my childhood the best!

  • onions for the win
    onions for the win  3 days ago +1

    i use this for studying but my religion teacher won't let me listen to it :(

  • Maddyisweird :3
    Maddyisweird :3  4 days ago +4

    This nostalgia makes me happy and sad at the same time

  • Raquel Amaro
    Raquel Amaro  5 days ago

    This is my playlist to fall asleep to my 2 month old daughter ... 💖
    I hope she becomes a Ghibli fan like me! 😛😍

  • titty croissant
    titty croissant  5 days ago +15

    I listen to this music when my parents yell at each other. Helps a lot.

  • wan norazira
    wan norazira  6 days ago +2

    7 December 2019
    What a rollercoaster year.. I don't how to describe it. In the past few month I got awful result in spm my mother urges me to work because she said "what's the point to study eventhough you are so dumb" so I decided myself to go to matriculation where is far far away from my house... And yesterday I got GPA 3.92 and I can see the bright future for me to study well... And for the first time I study without the urge mother, family trouble it's like I escaped from these trouble.... I'm really proud myself until I hear this song while looking at the scenery I'm crying... I don't know what is this expression.. Hahhh it's look like I'm just mumbling myself

  • Océane Rouger
    Océane Rouger  6 days ago

    omg the people in this section ! you are all amazing and so sweet to the others, I wish you the best from France

  • care4japan
    care4japan  7 days ago +1

    My baby seems to feel relaxed and happy when hearing this video. Thanks a lot for uploading this!

  • Maddie Cardwell
    Maddie Cardwell  7 days ago

    This is such happy and calming music. I love it.

  • eren_ravin
    eren_ravin  7 days ago

    those two most stressful weeks between Christmas break and Thanksgiving break.... we can do it!
    oh boy here we go

  • Luxnaa
    Luxnaa  7 days ago +4

    Dates for everytime I come here :

    03/12 : YouTube recommandation
    05/12 : Homework
    10/12 : Cleaning my room
    11/12 : Homework

  • maaskouz -
    maaskouz -  7 days ago

    54:40 country roads, take me home.

  • hellokitty babeee
    hellokitty babeee  7 days ago

    this music right here is seriously what is keeping me going it helps me so much with anxiety ;(

  • Victor Murilo Silva
    Victor Murilo Silva  7 days ago +2

    42:30 damn onions..

  • Marshall Bruce Mathers Iii

    My favorite coffee shop usually plays this video. I often go there to smoke, have a drink, and enjoy the view of my city <3