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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 1, 2015
  • Starring: Kathir, Advaitha, Ilavarasu, Ganja Karuppu, Sulakshna, Rajkapoor, Meera Krishna
    Direction: Rajendran
    Music: Deva
    Production: Iyappa

    Being socially responsible is one thing. But portraying suicide in a manner that make viewers sympathize with a character is in a way, sad. That’s what director G Rajendran seems to have achieved with Kondan Koduthan, rather inadvertently so. The movie, otherwise, is a tale of a family that marry within themselves (you heard it right) for about three generations.

    Produced by P. Ayyappa and directed by G. Rajendran who also has done the story, screenplay, dialogue and camera in the movie, Kondan Koduthan is a family drama involving a family and a whole bunch of relatives. As said earlier, members marry within the family, which is being shown as a generation enduring practice. When gen-next members of the family do not want to carry on the tradition, the family finds itself in a limbo. The veneer of their love shatters and expose their unpleasant side.

    Kathir Kaaman and Meera Krishna play the patriarch couple while Ilavarasu and Sulakshana play the next in line patriarch couple. Though the performances are good, the story lacks the substance. Subjects like this have been dealt deftly in the past and if it has to be revisited, there has to be substantial substance. The movie sorely lacks it. Its foundation is based on the flimsy and melodramatic events that do not hold water or form strong backdrop for the movie. With all those television experience behind her, Meera Krishna delivers a convincing performance as the woman who is perplexed and disappointed at having to let go off a family tradition. Ilavarasu, as his brother, is brilliant in his own regard as well. Their scenes are well enacted with sharp and almost-melodramatic dialogues enhancing the values of their performances.

    Other performances are passé and the movie makes you feel as if you are watching an over-the-top melodramatic mid-afternoon television serial with nobody for company. Sometimes it gets toe-curlingly out of place in a generation that has moved on to discovering and sustaining relationships in social media networks and made cyberspace as their second home. A movie like this in the changing times might not have been bad if only it had stressed on the importance of relationships. Besides, the subject of a life-threatening disease like AIDS is not dealt with empathetically, and it has been portrayed as if it is justifying a suicide.

    Jayaprabha’s item dance number is catchy, not because of the tune but mostly because of her swift steps and it provides refreshment from the drama. But yes, we did tell you this is a family movie and there is also an item number in this.

    Technically, the movie has nothing much to offer. Neither the songs, composed by Deva, nor the visuals and cinematography by director Rajendran himself leave any impact.

    In the end, there’s nothing ground breaking about Kondan Koduthan and you might not miss anything for giving it a miss.

    Verdict: Family (melo)drama !