My Cheap Lamborghini Is Ready To Make SERIOUS POWER, And I'm REALLY Scared

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 14, 2018
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  • djdbag  1 years ago

    This lambo build has been a phenomenal series.

  • Fuert Neigt  1 years ago

    He just casually removes the drive shaft and turns it from awd into rwd. All in minutes.

  • 802 Garage  1 years ago

    Works on Lamborghini -> Props up hood with piece of wood....Mah man!

  • randall jr Benoit  1 years ago

    802 Garage awful.... that's some trailer park boys shit- fr fr

  • sieve5  1 years ago

    Dude I didn't know 100% of your T-shirt sales go to charity that's amazing.

  • Rob  1 years ago


  • Rob  1 years ago

    aww come on man

  • sieve5  1 years ago

    Tavarish,You have a really nice style of keeping things fun. Professional, but fun in a light-hearted responsible way. Really does it for me.The way you do your intro the same way every time makes me feel like I'm turning on an episode of a TV show in a weird way. Thanks for doing this lambo build I am still in disbelief.

  • Angel Gomez  1 years ago

    Finally someone with a short throw dipstick!!

  • AlienMonkeyDXB  1 years ago

    More like "Just the Tip" stick! ;-D

  • P B  1 years ago

    Best mod yet

  • BodenM  1 years ago

    Hey Freddy, you should get your oil tested by someone like Blackstone Laboratories when you do the first change with the 300V, they will be able to give you an idea of at what point you should be doing an oil change.

  • Nor Dic  1 years ago

    hey voice, then what ? Just drive it.

  • Muffin Racing  1 years ago

    "Hey everybody, my name is Tavarish and today I'm going to be burning the midnight oil so my Lamborghini doesn't". Missed opportunity there

  • Alan Alvarez  1 years ago

    put a scavange pump on the returns and go straight to the oil reservoir, much better than relying on gravity, especially when pushing some Gs while cornering and during WOT straight line acceleration.

  • Alan Alvarez  1 years ago

    F1NNSP1N the returns are at am awkward angle. You can put a separate pump dedicated to the turbos to avoid future problems.

  • F1NNSP1N  1 years ago

    A dry sump has a scavenge pump already, to scavenge any oil at the bottom of the engine.. Shouldn't need an extra one with good return lines.

  • Steve Smith  1 years ago

    I used synthetic Rotella 15w40 in turbo engines. From diesel to race. Always had good results from it. Used in truck for 7500 miles an race car I changed it after every race. An it was a 434 all aluminum Yates headed ford making 2k at 18 lbs single 101mmAlso be careful with that heavy oil you may need to put preheater on the dry sump tank to keep flowing good at startup. It only takes couple seconds to spin a bearing out because oil is too thick.

  • Blair Aquilia  1 years ago


  • alex uzi  1 years ago

    Tavarish got a iPhone X hairline but much love to his channel💀