BTR Chris "Dying" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Watch the official music video for "Dying" by BTR Chris.Follow on Instagram by DrewFilmedItSUBSCRIBE for more: More WorldstarHipHop: Shop WorldStar:http://shop.worldstarhiphop.comWatch more WorldstarHipHop:Rapper Relationship Advice: Music Videos: Audio Tracks: Videos: is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The #1 urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest premiere music videos, exclusive artist content, entertainment stories, celebrity rumors, sports highlights, interviews, comedy skits, rap freestyles, crazy fights, eye candy models, the best viral videos & more.Since 2005, WorldstarHipHop has worked with some of our generation's most groundbreaking artists, athletes & musicians - all who have helped continue to define our unique identity and attitude.We plan on continuing to work with only the best, so keep an eye out for all the exciting new projects / collaborations we plan on dropping in the very near future.


  • Ebby eb
    Ebby eb  a years ago +411

    Here before he blows up. Like if you agreee

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James  a years ago +223

    I don't get it, Why yall sleeping on him?

  • Ornald Bain
    Ornald Bain  a years ago +197

    This song doesn't sound bad (for all the haters) I bet if Chris brown sang this Y'all would go apeshit for this.

  • Nebzy Gaming
    Nebzy Gaming  a years ago +204

    This dude really danced on people’s grave 💀

  • Murder Teggy
    Murder Teggy  a years ago +181

    This is actually not bad , nice to see a artist with a original style

  • Luke and Fraser
    Luke and Fraser  a years ago +34

    Hi to the 1% of people reading this Hope you're having a GOOD day from a small youtuber WHOS DREAM IS TO MAKE IT BIG !!!!!

  • DannyPhxntxm
    DannyPhxntxm  a years ago +164

    thumbnail had me dead af

  • DrewFilmedIt Visual
    DrewFilmedIt Visual  a years ago +152

    You up family

  • Gabriel Kovács
    Gabriel Kovács  a years ago +40

    This man finna blow tf up, and I hope he does cause he deserves it. The grind and the hustle is real and I have mad respect for this dude 💪💪

  • Zyrle Agustin
    Zyrle Agustin  10 months ago +11

    Damn... I used to have classes with this man.. Thats crazy tf im doin

  • CRG Bluu
    CRG Bluu  a years ago +14

    it's 3 am I have school in the morning and instead of sleeping I'm just listening to this on repeat🔥🔥

  • Prince Kollie
    Prince Kollie  a years ago +97

    National simp anthem

  • Tyb Laneyy
    Tyb Laneyy  a years ago +178


  • Jah Bless
    Jah Bless  a years ago +42

    this man got a cowlick

  • Tre Money aka cloutband

    Yall sleep he going to make it out the hood keep grind💯👏

  • lilSoldado214
    lilSoldado214  a years ago +25

    Were this dude from? This shit pretty good. He actually got a lil story to tell.💯

  • Rafael Wins
    Rafael Wins  a years ago +65

    The beat is harder than the lyrics. But lil buddy ok

  • Momo
    Momo  a years ago +60

    1:03 one of my favorite parts, whats yours?

  • 772 Love
    772 Love  10 months ago +2

    Y'all was sleepin on him but now he's got a song wit YNW Melly. How yall feel? 💪🔥

  • Tyr1n232
    Tyr1n232  a years ago +56

    Is that Tmartn??? 😂😂😂