twenty one pilots - Blurryface Tour (Highlight 01)

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 2, 2015
  • we will be taking a look back at the most memorable North American tour we have done to date every Monday and Wednesday in November.get tickets to see twenty one pilots: available now on Fueled By Ramen:iTunes: Play: and edited by Reel Bear Media ( for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #BlurryfaceTour #FueledByRamen


  • sofia
    sofia  3 years ago +986

    "tyler bc he's the singer!!"
    me: "but,,, josh"

  • thelastofrobyn
    thelastofrobyn  3 years ago +425

    "tylerr cause hes the singer!!"
    but josh is the drummer...

  • Zoe DeYoung
    Zoe DeYoung  3 years ago +630

    Choosing between josh and Tyler is like choosing between air or water

  • Kaylee Ryan
    Kaylee Ryan  3 years ago +643

    "we met last night and now we're friends."
    cool how two guys from Ohio can do that.

  • aleksandra
    aleksandra  2 years ago +45

    0:27 well josh is the lead drummer, how about that?

  • takenbysleep21
    takenbysleep21  2 years ago +53

    'tyler or josh?"
    "tyler cause hes the singer"
    me : you cant simply choose one or the other thats not how this works

  • Taj Robinson
    Taj Robinson  3 years ago +313

    those little girls...I wanna meet their parents bc they are being raised so well

  • Shannon Chow
    Shannon Chow  3 years ago +390

    my poor heart can't even take the goner montage at the end of all these recap videos. What will I do when I go to my emotional roadshow concert

  • omgMaria
    omgMaria  3 years ago +206

    When you can't go to Emotional Roadshow because the tickets sold out

  • Kenny Davila
    Kenny Davila  3 years ago +60

    When you are the guy sitting behind the guy wearing the red beanie where the people are sitting around playing ukulele. Top left with your girlfriend.

  • Bonek
    Bonek  3 years ago +31

    Can you hear my cries? I live in Narnia.

  • Mx. Megan
    Mx. Megan  3 years ago +129

    never clicked on a notification so fast in my life

  • Bella Perko
    Bella Perko  3 years ago +22


  • egg cement
    egg cement  3 years ago +150

    Those little girls are so lucky! I'm 13 and I haven't been to a tøp concert ;-;

  • Laura
    Laura  3 years ago +64

    This makes me want to go to a concert so bad. I wish I could but I've nobody to go with 😔💖

  • arron :v
    arron :v  3 years ago +15

    I'd cry so hard if I ever got a chance to go to a twenty one pilots concert

  • GardenOfNightmares
    GardenOfNightmares  2 years ago +12

    "Tyler because he's the singer"
    Yeah but...... Josh though.

  • sorryimjuliza
    sorryimjuliza  3 years ago +18

    Who is better tyler or josh?
    no. stfu. they're both amazing

  • kendras15
    kendras15  3 years ago +8

    can't wait for their emotional roadshow!!!

  • Jadeorade
    Jadeorade  3 years ago +12

    Thank you, Josh and Tyler, for giving us amazing music to help us through our problems. Thank you, Twenty One Pilots crew, for helping Josh and Tyler make us happy. Thank you, skeleton clique, for being there for each other and being the most amazing fandom. You are all amazing. Stay Alive |-/