Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism w/John Patrick Leary - MR Live - 4/16/19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
  • Good morning on today’s show, John Patrick Leary (@JohnPatLeary), Associate Professor of English, Wayne State University and author of Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism, joins us at 12:00 ET.

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  • kdkseven
    kdkseven  9 months ago

    "He thinks he's a big macho muscle man on a horse!" Brilliant Jamie.

  • Politerotica Vandal Report

    ILU sam

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6  9 months ago

    "Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, bucko!". "Oh sorry, I meant clean your room!". "Oh, and buy my book and spend hundreds to meet me in person" - Jordan Peterson.

  • Davin Maki
    Davin Maki  9 months ago

    Bernie's town hall came out exactly like you would expect. A good hearted socialist mouth piece moved the fox viewship closer to stomaching a dystopian fascist socialist control grid on behalf of the elites. Hey guys on this show, I know you mean well but the average citizen can't maintain your level of understanding or political attention span. The actual outcome of your position is self enslavement for peanut sized hand outs, because the slight of hand your show attempts to uncover is completely lost on the sheep and you accidentally promote exactly what you fight against.

  • Sho Kosugi
    Sho Kosugi  9 months ago

    My thumbs-up turns into a thumbs-down the second I hear "John from San Antonio." Get the fuck out of here with this walking Valium already. It's not just him. What the fuck is the "fun half" even supposed to be? As far as I can tell, it's mostly taking calls, about half of which are from the same 5 callers, about 5 of whom suck balls. It's pretty much their show. What is the point of this? There is nothing fun about it. I'd rather just have more current events coverage rather than this stealth cross-promotion and character-based radio narrative from two generations ago. The whole thing is indescribably whack. It's just one more reason I'd rather have Brooks hosting than Sam. He'd much rather use some "fun half" time to talk about a current events item, and doesn't endlessly entertain every single loser with a podcast who spends their afternoon every day waiting on hold so that they can get some shine on someone else's show. Don't even get me started on Raygun, whose desperate need (and inability) to be funny gives me the douche chills every time. What's sad is that both of these characters get far, far, FAR more speaking time on the show than Jaime or Matt do. What a complete joke.

  • Marcus Sellers
    Marcus Sellers  9 months ago

    Passionate is the non-artist equivalent of exposure.

  • Wilfredo Gonzalez
    Wilfredo Gonzalez  9 months ago +12

    Damn I love it when Sam Seder goes off and breaks things down like how he broke down what happened in Kansas. Sam Seder I have learned so much from you and Michael, Jamie and Matt and I sssssssoooooo look forward to continue to do so. GO MAJORITY REPORT, GO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Meistrell
    Matt Meistrell  9 months ago +1

    I’ve been fortunate in the timing of my beverage sips. Barbara bush and Boris Epstein impressions have real mess potential for me.

  • soth1 sol
    soth1 sol  9 months ago +8

    i love this channel, just discovered a month ago. you guys are great.

  • Baci302
    Baci302  9 months ago +1

    Bernie's an OG

  • divinuminfernum
    divinuminfernum  9 months ago

    laffer is an utter moron - if people get a little more income which i am not sure Sanders is even saying that, then if they work less which in itself is a type of thinking bereft of well any thinking - i mean its not as though people just have some dial attached to their jobs and they just turn it up and down as they see fit - but aeven if we ignore this lso if people work less then they are not going to get the supposed extra money that laffer so stupidly expresses - and yes his ideas are right wing garbage.

    in any case his obama sentiments i guess show just how bat shit insane he is

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson  9 months ago

    George Ciccariello-Maher is a 10-inch player

  • dobbsiancant
    dobbsiancant  9 months ago

    i walked past the stop and shop.then i drove past the stop and shop.i liked that much better.

  • divinuminfernum
    divinuminfernum  9 months ago

    i am wondering - if even Sanders got into office, how would he be able to get his vision of healthcare put in place - wouldnt every right wing outlet (of which Fox and Sinclair have a large share ) and all the forces, corrupting, dark and monied legions they are would militate against his admin to destroy any public and political consensus, and they do not even need to be truthful anymore - they could run on round the clock lies and phoney stories of death panels again

    to me it seems nothing can ever start to be better again until the towers of ugliness blaring lies and division round the clock are toppled and eradicated entirely in their capacity to spread lies with impunity

  • Boi Polloi
    Boi Polloi  9 months ago

    1:24:05 🎶 You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a SMOOTH Bernie Bro! 🎶

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline  9 months ago

    A vaping viewer for sure 😤💃🏿👀

  • xamphibiax
    xamphibiax  9 months ago

    Oh shit, WSU! I was going to freak out if this was my old professor who had us read Picture of Dorian Gray and Great God Pan.

  • NZStarlight
    NZStarlight  9 months ago +15

    Here in New Zealand we've had govt owned and run healthcare (like UK system, or VA system in the US) for 75 years where hospitals are free to use. Works well. Like the UK, there also exists a few private hospitals which people can go to if they want to pay (a lot) for optional procedures or if they are concerned about how long the free public system is making them wait for non-urgent procedures (the doctors themselves are usually the same people as most specialists work half their time in each of public and private systems). And some people choose to take out health insurance with regard to using these private hospitals. Having free govt-run hospitals used by the vast majority of people thus doesn't abolish the private system entirely.
    Also 25 years ago a govt bulk-buying agency for pharmaceuticals was introduced, and they shop around for generics and negotiate up to 90% off brand-name drugs with the manufacturers, and then they subsidize the prices to the end users so that all prescriptions in NZ cost $3 USD for the drugs at the pharmacy (free if dispensed in-hospital). Works great. Last time I was on holiday in the tropics some English tourists I met were whining about how they'd had to pay 200 pounds for their anti-malarial drugs. I'd paid $3 for mine.

  • devout conservative
    devout conservative  9 months ago

    When I grow up I wanna be well hung like Bernie.

  • David Andrews
    David Andrews  9 months ago

    Super dull interview today. Good lord.