7 Types of Bad Lovers That You Hate!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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  • Trevmonki
    Trevmonki  7 days ago +75

    Continuation for "7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Lying to You" next? :)

  • Chua Zhi Ning
    Chua Zhi Ning  7 days ago +20

    anybody else noticed the black board schedule at 0:28?? bts love myself end violence and itzy icy is on there HAHAH 💜bts

  • Ismat Zaini
    Ismat Zaini  7 days ago +19

    I didn't know that manhood is actually Hoodie...
    Mind blown

  • Wandering & Wondering
    Wandering & Wondering  7 days ago +19

    Trevis boo, Ridwan Azman, Jinhao tan, that really caught me off guard😂😂

  • sk rt
    sk rt  7 days ago +12

    may i know where i can buy the gucci tissue paper please ? thanks , love this video 💖

  • Under thesea
    Under thesea  7 days ago +6

    the girl at 5:30 talks abit weird leh

  • Tallman
    Tallman  7 days ago +1

    "More Money" Buys Everything...

  • Kimberly Lee
    Kimberly Lee  7 days ago

    My cousin's name is sky with an e at the back and he's a boy oOf.

  • Shannon Ng
    Shannon Ng  4 days ago

    That's wired Because my name is Shannon 😂 but I am 11

  • Celery Stick
    Celery Stick  7 days ago

    Whaa... So does that mean I am SKY?! And Trev is Ridhwan?! And Tonywannabeironman93 is Changi Jewel?!!!!

  • Wandering & Wondering
    Wandering & Wondering  7 days ago +3

    This video was very peculiar and funny at the same time. I liked how all the skits connected with each other and Ridwan was excellent. We are socialising, we are experimemting😅😅, I loved it!

  • Its Genell
    Its Genell  7 days ago +13

    idk why but i think ‘Sky’ is Jianhao and debbie daughter name..

  • bubbly ali
    bubbly ali  7 days ago

    lol in the intro ITZY icy and BTSlovemyself

  • mxxne erx
    mxxne erx  7 days ago

    "you only have one job" LOL

  • VVA Angel
    VVA Angel  7 days ago

    Hey , i love the name "sky" 😂😂

  • Isaac Seah
    Isaac Seah  7 days ago

    Your eyebrows gtg man you’re a dude lol

  • Piyusha Laad
    Piyusha Laad  7 days ago +1

    "I am no tonywannabeironman93 ok? .....I AM TREV!"
    WOWWW Trev this caught me haha

  • Louis The Noob
    Louis The Noob  7 days ago

    Yo what's up trevmonki

  • Subscribe To CQK
    Subscribe To CQK  7 days ago +2

    Thanks for your effort and your team making all these videos, really enjoy the content. Keep it up!

  • jithendra gaming
    jithendra gaming  7 days ago

    Good job bro keep going