Making Slime For The First Time w/ Rosanna Pasino!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018

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  • brookie _namjinsopevminkookrules

    I wanna touch slime lol

  • Zoe lummis
    Zoe lummis  4 days ago

    You guys should dress up as twins bc you guys look so similar

  • Kamya Parikh
    Kamya Parikh  7 days ago

    Molly ur so pretty gurl🤪🥰

  • Goddamnit Bri🤦🏻‍♂️

    when they mixed the first one it looked like sully

  • Iliyana Roldan
    Iliyana Roldan  a months ago

    Wtf was that white thing in the background!??! It was like a chair or something?!?! I'm confused 😂😂aaahhh
    Edit: at 3:34

  • Marcella Maltese
    Marcella Maltese  a months ago

    Molly should have made three different slimes and then colored one purple,one teal,and one pink. Then put them together and twist them

  • Stranger eggos
    Stranger eggos  a months ago +3

    Roses are red
    Ketchup is too
    I love molly
    Turn this blue if you do too

  • Janaina da silva
    Janaina da silva  a months ago

    It is weird feel because you never feel it

  • Sylvia Goodwin
    Sylvia Goodwin  a months ago

    they look so similar. they could pass for sisters or something.

  • Tiana Bennett
    Tiana Bennett  a months ago

    when molly said "can we take it outside so i can see the glitter" i honestly forgot she was blind since it really doesnt look like she is in her vids

  • Ava Rogers
    Ava Rogers  a months ago

    Molly and Ro: measures everything*
    Me: pours everything into a bowl without any sort of measurement*

  • Nero Claudius
    Nero Claudius  a months ago


  • Hana Qureshi
    Hana Qureshi  a months ago

    It dosnt even seem like shes blind but she is!! Love u girl😩💗

  • Lyric Hutchins
    Lyric Hutchins  a months ago

    Pls tell Ro that I love her soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💕💗💖💞💘💟💌

  • mystic wolf
    mystic wolf  a months ago


  • BTS_slime Lover
    BTS_slime Lover  a months ago

    you know its there fist time making slime when they have measuring cups

  • SnowCrackers
    SnowCrackers  a months ago

    We're you blindbornare you still blind

  • Olivia Dedert
    Olivia Dedert  a months ago

    PS love you Molly

  • Olivia Dedert
    Olivia Dedert  a months ago +1

    If you add lotion it will make it more stretchy