Khalid - Better (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
  • Better” Official Video out now!

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  • janne KUNG
    janne KUNG  17 minutes ago +1


  • Cronic_ Jay
    Cronic_ Jay  an hour ago

    I love it

  • Sagar Mittal
    Sagar Mittal  2 hours ago

    nothing feels better than this.....

  • Alexandre Zaptiedopoulos

    100% perfect 🙏🤗👌

  • Leanne Stanley
    Leanne Stanley  3 hours ago

    This song hits me so hard. ❤+💔=🖤.

  • Idada Edwards
    Idada Edwards  4 hours ago


  • Bluusens
    Bluusens  5 hours ago

    The girl talking in the beginning sounds like Cardi B

  • me me
    me me  5 hours ago +1

    keep grinding khalid your music bangs i really enjoy it

  • Gaming network
    Gaming network  5 hours ago

    sorry? anyone know what song is played in the end.thank you so muchhh

  • On90ping
    On90ping  5 hours ago

    who is listening to this song in november

  • Wahyu Istiadji
    Wahyu Istiadji  6 hours ago +1

    Adakah orang Indonesia disini 😂

  • Jaeda LetsPlay
    Jaeda LetsPlay  7 hours ago

    ok im not gonna lie when the cars were driving looking like they was finna crash i saw the person driving in the red car (look closely)

  • Jahdiel Lafontaine

    0% Sexually revealing women
    0% Alcohol
    0% Drugs/Weed
    0% Violence
    0% Bragging about money
    0% Profanity

    100% Beautiful song with beautiful cars.

    To anybody still here in October 2019, love listening to this with ya'll, stay smooth.

  • Fairy tail project

    Cadê os br

  • Downhill Films
    Downhill Films  8 hours ago

    Anyone else watch this to just look at the beautiful e36's?

  • Kirby Uchiha
    Kirby Uchiha  9 hours ago +1

    Legend ...

  • that weird asian nerd
    that weird asian nerd  11 hours ago +1

    Is it me, or is this song so nostalgic?

    iLLCHAYS  13 hours ago +2

    Khalid has Got the voice of several angel flapping their wings inside his voice box!

  • Kam Chao
    Kam Chao  13 hours ago

    Rather than can’t stop listening this song, I also can’t stop watching he dance🕺

  • MrZedosAlhos
    MrZedosAlhos  14 hours ago

    Só, anyone can tell me what's the song in the end, when the car leaves?? Thank U very much!!