HOMME (옴므) '울지 말자' Official Teaser

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 29, 2015
  • HOMME (옴므) '울지 말자' Official Teaser


  • Emi A
    Emi A  2 years ago +16

    I found my way here because I clicked a video about BTS and found out they were back up dancers in pre debut for the disbanded girl group GLAM and it said Jimin was in one of their MVs so I watched the video and found out one of the members voiced a vocaloid named SeeU then after not being able to find anymore Korean Vocaloids I wandered my way to BigHit's channel, curious if they had any other idols/groups, and clicked this video.😐 Hello🙂

  • Saitama Trash
    Saitama Trash  3 years ago +19

    I can't be the only one who doesn't want this to be a song but a drama

  • Lenient Anna
    Lenient Anna  3 years ago +50

    i BIG HIT stan ? yes
    YG stan ? yes
    SM stan ? Kinda
    JYP stan ? Jackson's stan only xD

  • notpraise
    notpraise  3 years ago +9

    I can't wait for the mv and the song. Homme makes me feel relaxed with his voice ♥

  • Riza nirmala putri
    Riza nirmala putri  3 years ago +7

    this makes me miss 2AM even more........sigh...

  • Romina Anna
    Romina Anna  a years ago +1

    I am the biggest fan of HOMME!
    Keep on going! 😄
    Always supporting you!

  • jae
    jae  3 years ago +2

    oh god that voice....

    DAVINA  3 years ago +3

    beautiful song

  • Simone Ximenes
    Simone Ximenes  a years ago +1


  • 슈가형형뚜
    슈가형형뚜  3 years ago +1

    옴므 화이팅❤❤❤

  • Joanna Koutsounaki
    Joanna Koutsounaki  2 years ago

    Idk about y'all but I'm going to stan

  • Mani
    Mani  3 years ago +1


  • Nあけみ
    Nあけみ  3 years ago


  • Yumian Chan :3
    Yumian Chan :3  3 months ago

    BTS 회원이 바뀌 었습니까? 🤔

  • Isabela Santos
    Isabela Santos  3 years ago


  • Isabela Santos
    Isabela Santos  3 years ago


  • itschrlyn
    itschrlyn  3 years ago

    Can't Wait <3

  • sara ; nghae
    sara ; nghae  3 years ago


  • TAETEE's lovely girl

    HOMME fighting!!!! This sounds so gooc :))) cant wait for the full songs

  • 리치블
    리치블  3 years ago