Eggs Part 1 | Basics with Babish

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 1, 2018
  • Enter offer code “Babish” at for 10% off your first purchase, or visit: are something that confounds both newcomers to the kitchen and seasoned chefs. In this episode of Basics, I'll show you a few techniques to make this breakfast mainstay a whole lot easier.Join me on 3/8 @ 8PM EST on Twitch for a live Cook-a-Long of these egg preparations: List:EggsButterChivesGoat cheeseMushroomsSpinachSwiss cheeseSpecial equipment:Biscuit cutter9-inch omelette panT-fal professional series skillet (preferred for eggs)Music:"Love Is Not" Broke for Free"Miel" Broke for Free've been nominated for a Shorty Award! Please vote for me here: first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!Amazon: & Noble: song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh “Love Is Not“ and “Heartache” by Broke for Free With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Benny  9 months ago

    he cross sectioned an egg im weak

  • JacobLZP  yesterday


  • You forgot the easiest method... Raw

  • RANDOM MADMAN  9 days ago

    Swallow it whole and crush it with the power of your throat.

  • Sam 123321  10 days ago

    With the shell, of course. Just bite into the fuckin' thing.

  • HexRuin  9 months ago

    "get ready to turn a one night stand into a long term relationship" As a woman, I will verify that if you make a woman these eggs, that will be the outcome, lol

  • Helena McDonald  6 days ago

    "how do you like your eggs?" "fertilized."

  • 024NAHTE  19 days ago

    @Nicito Sta. Ana If he can make scrambled eggs like that, I don't see why not.

  • Life of Simran  1 years ago

    How to Basic

  • Vanessa M  10 months ago

    Get yo how to basic ass outta here!

  • The Almighty Shibe  11 months ago

    Basics with HowToBasic

  • Eggs Part 2: Chicken.

  • masterofdo chicken: the phantom menace

  • Bananowy Dealer  10 months ago

    Chicken boogaloo

  • Light Runner  3 months ago

    “Get ready to turn a one night stand into a long term relationship.” Speaking from experience, Babby?

  • Jin&Tonic  1 years ago

    "I like mine the Gordon Ramsay way" me: oh no not again

  • Aidan Taijeron  1 years ago

    Hey Babish! I'm the one who wrote the captions, and i hope i can write them for others too! But, real talk, thank you for making these videos, you didn't have to put so much effort into doing this for us. Well and truly, thank you.

  • Aidan Taijeron :D

  • Megan K  1 years ago

    Omg. I just tried those scrambled eggs and my life has been forever changed! I could eat those every day! This is the first video of yours I have watched. So now I just binge watch your whole channel for more delicious-ness. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sauce Stache  1 years ago

    Woot to the overhead shot!! Did you use a mirror or overhead camera?

  • NAPALM360  3 months ago

    Satellite image

  • BROfficial TV  4 months ago

    @Kyle Pitts helicopter shot for sure