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  • Published on:  Monday, December 19, 2016
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  2 years ago +11456

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Today we're thankful for our families, for Jesus, and for all of you guys!
    - Pound It. Noggin. 👊🏼🙇🏻

  • Sahil Rachan
    Sahil Rachan  7 days ago +460

    Who just came here after seeing the second one coming out and didn’t know there was a first one

  • Patrick Dad
    Patrick Dad  7 days ago +229

    Is anyone here after editor edition 2

  • Mackenzie Newman
    Mackenzie Newman  5 months ago +353

    I can’t when Tim did the ty impression 😂😂

  • Sailore
    Sailore  7 days ago +80

    Who’s here from Editor Edition 2?

  • Ben Hamon
    Ben Hamon  a years ago +5350

    I bet the editors had to edit there own video

  • pete
    pete  6 months ago +1014

    Who's watchung this in 2019 like here

  • Luciya Kojenova
    Luciya Kojenova  4 months ago +267

    I’m sorry, but Panda throwing ice into the shower... I LOST IT

  • Dodie Yellow Rose
    Dodie Yellow Rose  2 months ago +84

    “ I know it’s been kinda hard to believe in me these last couple of... years “

  • Carrot with 5,000 subs ?
    Carrot with 5,000 subs ?  2 months ago +128

    Who’s your favourite dude
    Like=panda,coby or Tyler

  • Develed foot R
    Develed foot R  2 years ago +2631

    You need to do panda edition

  • I NotBrown
    I NotBrown  5 months ago +110

    Nobody realizes Chad plus Tim's shirt read," Alldayfilmmakers"?

  • The Nut Pea
    The Nut Pea  4 months ago +65

    It’s funny they had to do double the work. Film the video and edit it

  • Axel Ross
    Axel Ross  4 months ago +25

    Honestly,Tim Killed The Ty Acting!

  • 7two05
    7two05  7 months ago +35

    The editors did a really great job of impersonating Dude Perfect 😂

  • Gamim Al Masrooi
    Gamim Al Masrooi  4 months ago +49

    Tim and Chad are very HUMBLE and KIND

  • Paul Dye
    Paul Dye  4 months ago +46

    Can we have editor edition 2 please and thank you

  • Wicked Dummy filter
    Wicked Dummy filter  18 hours ago +1

    Ty: what is my birthday?
    Chad: ?
    Me: I think it’s March 24 th maybe 23rd
    Ty says it in Winter Olympics edition

  • Alison gamer 369
    Alison gamer 369  6 months ago +29

    Even though they probably edited this video as well.

  • theUltrastupid769 /Thierdy
    theUltrastupid769 /Thierdy  9 months ago +1320

    Dude perfect Do Wives Edition