Saying "GOODBYE" to one of the BEST GUNS in Fortnite...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  a years ago +3709

    You shall be missed, Tactical SMG! 😞

  • Neon
    Neon  a years ago +83

    The Tac SMG was my favorite gun... Rip

  • [05 TrapGod 01]
    [05 TrapGod 01]  a years ago +28

    I made a fake Ali a account and told a underrated streamer to cut his beard if he loses u should know what happened next like so Ali a can see

  • r/ Wooosh
    r/ Wooosh  a years ago +15

    It was the best gun! I got a victory Royale IN solo with the tactical smg

  • Rize BuG
    Rize BuG  10 months ago +4

    Fs in the chat for tac smg and revlor and drum gun

  • Zenic
    Zenic  a years ago +519

    Wait. Was that intro song the twist emote music xD

  • Clouddszs
    Clouddszs  a years ago +12

    I have to know. Does he T H A N K the bus driver?

  • Ulrike Taylor
    Ulrike Taylor  a years ago +6

    The purple smg was a weapon i would have at the end of a game if i can find it

  • Virtual Gaming
    Virtual Gaming  a years ago +4

    Only OGs will remember
    Press “F” to pay respects

  • Feltypikachu 2
    Feltypikachu 2  a years ago +9

    Teck SMG is the best

  • #GamingWithMyself
    #GamingWithMyself  a years ago +33

    1 Likes= One vote for the Tactical SMG to come back, i hope Epic will see this.

  • Ulrike Taylor
    Ulrike Taylor  a years ago +22

    It was almost better than the scar

  • XD Wakanda Wakanda
    XD Wakanda Wakanda  a years ago +4

    SMG were my favourite gun

  • M4RI0SS 07
    M4RI0SS 07  7 months ago +5

    2019 someone ????
    (No rip the tac smg ,its in the unvaulted mode 😂😂😂😂😂😂)

  • Marie Deaves
    Marie Deaves  4 months ago +7

    I am still crying and its season 8.😢Rip my favourite gun Whyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  • legendary gaming
    legendary gaming  4 months ago +2

    The tac smg is my favourites rip.
    Please leave a like if you would rather vote tac smg please.

  • Teo Sevigny
    Teo Sevigny  a years ago +22

    I miss you tac smg

  • Vårberg Centrum
    Vårberg Centrum  a years ago +2

    RPG bolt sniper scar legendary burst. Nah i dont think tac smg was one of best guns like IF u agree

  • Not _Darker
    Not _Darker  a years ago +1

    Alia: To be honest with you, any big 1x1 bases...
    Me: Facepalms (only true and og Alia subscribers will understand this reference) ALIA BIG NOOB

  • ryleyy starr
    ryleyy starr  a years ago +90

    One like : one prayer to bring it back 🤧