Foraging - You Suck at Cooking (episode 16)

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 28, 2015
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  • Ryan Whitaker
    Ryan Whitaker  3 years ago +4436

    I hope someone saw you.
    Out in the woods alone.
    Playing with sticks.
    Filming it.
    Talking to yourself.

  • A White Oreo
    A White Oreo  3 years ago +2359

    You haven't lived until you've hunted the elusive cupcakes of northern Alberta

  • Beleshanel
    Beleshanel  3 years ago +1920

    damn in my area I only find vegan stuff... stupid tofu trees, seen enough of them.

  • Shannon Green
    Shannon Green  3 years ago +1547

    I hope your pork chop sandwich license is up to date, it's required even if you just catch and release. Also you should warn your viewers that some of your activities might be illegal where they live. We are prohibited from things like catfish noodling, pot pie trapping, etc. And they're coming down hard on the local egg poachers.

    STREET SMARTS  3 years ago +845

    Your videos are my life. I have paper skin and glass bones. I break my arms every morning and my legs every night. Your videos keep me going. Thank you.

  • Swimswum
    Swimswum  3 years ago +481

    I remember when I was younger, my friends and I went out to find some raspberries in the woods by our house. When we found some my buddy immediately started eating them with out checking the leaves first (he didn't know any better)! Ended up having to go to the hospital, and afterwards his dad showed him the poison sign on the leaves. He never made that mistake again lol.

  • BiG CaT
    BiG CaT  2 years ago +368

    watch for bees when you plunder a cheerio tree.
    stay safe.

  • Dan Rift
    Dan Rift  3 years ago +465

    How to fully enjoy this side of youtube
    1) watch and learn from the video
    2) get some professional's advice from the comment section
    I went to camp and set up a trap with sticks and i caught a wild caramel pudding.

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter  3 years ago +301

    instructions unclear, eating sticks.

  • gokucrazy22
    gokucrazy22  3 years ago +834

    BTW that "blueberry" is a very poisonous berry and don't eat it.

  • SpaghettiVEVO
    SpaghettiVEVO  3 years ago +429

    Went fishing in the lakes and an onion got my buddy's arm. Any tips on catching wild onions?

  • WaffleAssassin
    WaffleAssassin  3 years ago +366

    2:41...ya, wasn't expecting that, you made be spill my Macho Nachos.

  • Frisbee
    Frisbee  2 years ago +58

    I went fishing at a lake near my house until I realized that I don't live near a lake...and it's not my house.
    Someone send help please.

  • beeginey
    beeginey  3 years ago +114

    is it normal to catch a sweet pomegranate at this time of year?

  • Min Ermahgerd
    Min Ermahgerd  3 years ago +50

    I was fishing in my local sewers the other day, about 4 miles away from town in the forest, and I found French toast.  I tried catching it, but it swam away. :(

  • Muriuki
    Muriuki  3 years ago +154

    thanks for this. now I'm dead.

  • rusty_frame
    rusty_frame  3 years ago +344

    How did the sandwich come out of the water looking completely dry??

  • Julian Boutwell
    Julian Boutwell  3 years ago +133

    You guys deserve sooo much more views for these videos. Just excellent showmanship.

  • Besan C
    Besan C  2 years ago +54

    Those signs under leaves change according to the country we live in,we have different signs under our trees and leaves

  • Forssa1
    Forssa1  3 years ago +260

    Ted Bear.